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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures Updates 

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FY 17

(July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017

  • Section 7.6: The University Purchasing Card (P-Card)
    Minor updates to the "P-Card Authorization Agreement and Application" form.
  • Section 18.6: Sales and Use Tax
    Updated "Summary of States and Exemption Numbers" list.
  • Section 1: Introduction to Business and Financial Functions at the University of Illinois - How to Conduct Business Outside the State of Illinois
    Updated contact information for University Payroll and Benefits.
  • Section 18.12: Tax Status and Exemption
    Updated Registered Student Organization (RSO) exclusions to include sales tax exemptions.
  • Section 7.2: Purchasing Goods and Services
    Changes to Section 7.2 - Purchase of Goods & Services

    Changes made throughout Section 7.2
    • Removed the term "bid limits" and replaced with "competitive solicitation threshold" or "small purchase limit" as applicable.

    Section 7.2 - Overview

    • Updated delegation of purchase authority section
    • Ethical Purchasing Practice was updated to reference the State Officials and Employee Ethics Act and the Illinois Procurement Code. The descriptions of possible gratuities were removed because they were not all encompassing.

    Section 7.2.1 - Competitive Solicitation Process

    • Defined the shared responsibility between a unit and Purchasing in defining requirements for a competitive solicitation.
    • Consolidated Board of Trustee approval requirements.

    Section 7.2.2 - Exceptions to the Competitive Solicitation Process

    • Added "Gifts or Bequests" to the list and referenced Section 11 of the OBFS Policy & Procedure Manual.

    Section 7.2.3 - Purchases below the Small Purchase Limit (Small Purchases)

    • Added requirements to demonstrate competition in the small purchase selection process.
    • Described how multiple quotes will be required for a purchase that is greater than $10,000.
    • Recommendation to solicit quotes from Business Enterprise Program (BEP) certified vendors, Small Business Set-Aside Program Vendors, or State-Use - Sheltered Workshops when available.
    • Created a Small Purchase Waiver form for purchases where competition cannot be demonstrated or when a small purchase is required from other than lowest-price vendor.

    Restricted Items and Purchases Requiring Special Approval

    • Pure Alcohol - consolidated the requirements for purchasing.
    • Electronic Services & Computer Software - Updated this subsection to address the following:
      • Identified computer software and electronic services as restricted purchases if the purchase is being made with a Purchasing Card (P-Card).
      • Updated the Electronic Services Purchased by P-Card & Software Purchase by P-Card forms to address Accessibility concerns.
    • Gift Cards/Gift Certificates - removed the requirements for Gift Cards/Gift Certificates and referenced Section 8 for additional information.
    • Postage Stamps - added a reference to Section 8 for payment of Postage Stamps.
    • Furniture and Fixtures - this subsection was removed and updated in its entirety to include:
      • Recommended use of Illinois Higher Education Cooperative furniture contracts.
      • Description of Purchasing's involvement for furniture purchases that exceed the small purchase limit.
      • Consolidation of the requirements for reviewing surplus for potential furniture requirements prior to purchase.
    • Printing Services - this subsection was removed and updated in its entirety to include:
      • Recommended use of University printing offices for printing services.
      • Consolidation of the requirements for print service vendors to pay prevailing wages.
      • Consolidation of the requirements for the use of soybean oil-based inks for printing services.
      • Removal of the requirements for use of soybean oil-based inks for printing services (as these requirements are addressed in the standard purchase order terms and conditions).
      • Reaffirms the requirements to obtain soybean oil-based ink and prevailing wage forms for purchases made using a P-Card.
      • Consolidation of the requirements for print services paid for using State funds.
    • Equipment Loaned to the University - Updated to contact Purchasing due to the varying nature and complexity of loaned equipment agreements.
    • Freight - This section was updated to address the following:
      • Recommends that pricing include shipping from the Vendor.
      • Requires that units facilitate payment of third-party freight vendors through Travel and Expense Management (TEM).
    • Expediting - This section was removed in its entirety because it did not provide any information relevant to expediting that was not addressed elsewhere in the OBFS Policy and Procedures Manual.

    Updated Forms

    • Small Purchase Waiver form
    • Electronic Services Purchased by P-Card form
    • Software Purchase by P-Card form

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FY 16

(July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016)

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