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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

12.4.4 Disposal of Firearms

Policy Statement

Whenever possible and applicable, units should trade in firearms they no longer need for other firearms. When trading in firearms, units must create and provide documentation of acceptance of old firearms by the vendor as evidence of proper disposal. If trade in is not possible or desired, firearms must be disposed of through the university police department. The unit owning the firearms retains custody of them at all times until their control is relinquished to the appropriate university police department; custody is not transferred to University Property Accounting and Reporting (UPAR) or a university surplus warehouse.


To trade in firearms:

  1. Include the PTag number(s) and description of the firearm(s) traded within the procurement documentation of the new firearms purchase. This documentation should be signed by the unit and the vendor.
  2. Provide a copy of the vendor trade in documentation to UPAR as evidence of proper disposal through trade in.
  3. Review the equipment inventory subsequent to the trade in/replacement to ensure removal of the traded in firearms from departmental inventory.

To dispose of firearms:
If the firearm(s) cannot be traded in, complete a surplus/disposal transaction in FABweb using the Category of “Other Disposal” and the sub-category of “Unique Case” and note “firearm disposal needed” in the FABweb comments section.

  1. Use FABweb to forward the transaction to your unit approver, who will approve and forward it to UPAR.
  2. UPAR will contact the appropriate university police department and forward a copy of the FABweb disposal request identifying the firearm(s) to be disposed of and taken into university police custody for disposal.
  3. University police will contact the unit to schedule pick-up of the firearm(s) and complete a police report noting the receipt of physical custody of the firearm(s). University police will forward the police report to the unit and UPAR to complete documentation of the chain of custody.
  4. When all documentation is received from the university police, UPAR will complete the record of disposal in FABweb and Banner.
  5. University police at each university will handle the subsequent disposal of firearm(s) in their custody in compliance with their internal procedures.


Additional Resources

For additional information on the possession of weapons, consult:
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Last Updated: May 2, 2017

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