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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

15 Travel

15.1 Travel

15.1.1 Cash Advances for Travel
15.1.2 Close a Travel Advance - has been decommissioned
15.1.3 Make Travel Arrangements
15.1.4 Determine Allowability of Travel Expenses
Additional Resources for 15.1
Travel Reimbursement and Per Diem
Headquarters and Travel Status
Domestic Travel

15.2 Travel Card (T-Card)

15.2.1 Request a T-Card
15.2.2 Serve as a Department Card Manager (DCM)
15.2.3 Comply with Unit Head T-Card Responsibilities
15.2.4 Reconcile T-Card Charges in Chrome River
15.2.5 Request a T-Card Exception
Additional Resources for 15.2
T-Card Services Offered by University Payables Card Services
Restricted T-Card Purchases
Prohibited T-Card Purchases
Inappropriate T-Card Use
Unit Due Diligence
UPAY Card Services Due Diligence

15.3 Motor Vehicle Accidents

Additional Resources for 15.3
How Your Personal Insurance Becomes Involved in a Claim

15.4 University Motor Vehicles

15.4.1 Rent a University Motor Pool Vehicle
15.4.2 Become Eligible to Drive a University Motor Vehicle
15.4.3 Comply with Unit Responsibilities for Motor Vehicle Use
15.4.4 Determine Approved Use of Department and Motor Pool Vehicles
15.4.5 Determine When to Use Commercially Insured University Motor Pool Vehicles

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