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Request Reimbursement for Items Purchased on Behalf of the University

Before You Begin

Employees, including student employees, can be reimbursed for the purchase of items costing less than $500 made on behalf of the University. The expense must be authorized by the unit head or delegate before the purchase is made. Any purchase for $500 or more must be processed by your campus Purchasing Division.

Employees cannot be reimbursed for the purchase of services or for out-of-pocket payments to human subjects, due to IRS and Illinois procurement laws. If the reimbursement is for gift cards to be given to employees, University Payables reports the amount and the recipient's name to University Payroll for tax withholding. Consult Section 18.5 - Fringe Benefits for information on tax reporting requirements for gifts and gift cards.

Keep receipts for all purchases. Plan ahead so you can submit all reimbursement requests before the 60 days deadline.


To request reimbursement for items purchased on behalf of the University:

  1. Log in to the Travel and Expense Management (TEM) system. In the Create New area, select the Expense Report icon. Consult the System Navigation job aid if you need help identifying the icon.
  2. In the Document Header screen, select "Employee Misc Expense Reimbursement" from the drop-down list in the Purpose field.
  3. Proceed through the screens. Consult the Create an Expense Report (ER) job aid for step-by-step instructions, including how to submit the receipts.
  4. If you are requesting reimbursement for gift cards or tangible items given to employees, select the Add Note icon to provide each employee's name, UIN, and amount so University Payables can report the information to University Payroll.
    If you are requesting reimbursement for gifts or prizes to non-employees, select the Add Note icon to provide each recipient's name and address. If the amount is equal to or greater than $100, send the recipient's name, address, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and dollar value of the gift by email through PEAR. See Tax Implications for Payments for additional information and instructions.
  5. University Payables reviews the request and processes for payment. Payees will be notified at their University email address when the payment is deposited to their payroll bank account.

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