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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

These are the official policies and procedures to follow when conducting University of Illinois System business and financial activities.

1: Fiscal Environment
Financial reports, activity, and health, deficit reporting, conducting business outside the state, policy, procedure, and process exceptions
  12: Property Accounting
Biennial inventory, disposals, loans and transfers, non-cash additions, property labels, real estate leases
2: Custodial Funds
Management of custodial funds, determining needs, approvals, liaison responsibilities, returns to owner
  13: Accounting
Fund accounting overview, C-FOAPAL segments, journal vouchers, financial reconciliations, non-monetary exchanges, accounting for revenue-generating events
3: Budget
Budget adjustments, disposition of year-end balances, state and institutional funds, transfer gift fund
  14: Investments, Banking, and Internal Loans
Farm properties, internal loans, investment income distribution, investment strategies, foreign bank accounts
4: Payroll
Deductions, overpayments, pay adjustments, report tips, taxable fringe benefit payments, separation payout
  15: Travel
Advances, T-Card, per diem, University and personal vehicles, international travel, travel arrangements
5: Receivables
Student charges, non-student charges, delinquent accounts, student deposits, study abroad, Banner AR
  16: Grants and Research Contracts
Sponsored project closeout, cost transfers, equipment, OMB Circular A-21, supplies, technical testing agreements, unallowable costs
6: Insurance
Bus charters, minimum insurance for vendors, proof of liability insurance, report a claim, verify insurance
  17: Consultants and Independent Contractors
Capital professional services, professional and artistic services, independent contractors
7: Purchasing
Cash purchases, emergency purchases, P-cards, professional and artistic services, purchase orders
  18: Taxes
Foreign nationals, fringe benefits, human subject payments, sales tax, University sales tax-exemption letter
8: Payments and Reimbursements
Business meals, foreign checks, honoraria, mobile communications stipends/purchase, payments to students, program advances, reimbursements
  19: Contracts
Standard and non-standard contracts, contract approval authority, signature authority, delegation, filing
9: Audits, Internal Control, and Business System Security
Audits, FCIAA Questionnaire, gifts to employees, internal control, responsibilities for University assets
  20: ID Cards, UINs, and Data Services
Request i-card services, UINs, card swipes, key fobs, access tokens
10: Cash Handling
Cash Handling Units, Accepting Cash and Checks, Depositing Money, Returned Check Handling, Bursar Change Funds
  21: Merchant Cards
Setting up to accept credit/debit cards, PCI standards, unit responsibilities
11: Gifts and Endowments
Endowments, expenditure of gift funds, manage donations, process gifts, quasi-endowments, sponsorship gifts

Self-Supporting/Revenue Generating Activities
Inventory and valuation, reporting sales tax and unrelated business income, Year-End Fact sheet, study abroad, revenue generating agreements

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