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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Restricted T-Card Purchases

Travel Cards (T-Cards) may be used for the following items if appropriate funding is available and the purchase conforms to University of Illinois System policies.

Purchase Specific Restrictions Relevant Policies/Procedures
Alcoholic Beverages See alcohol policy for university 8.1.2 Determine the Allowability of Serving Alcohol at an Event
Business Meals
8.1.1 Determine the Allowability of Business Meals and Refreshments
Business Class/First Class Travel Approved only with medical documentation 15.1.3 Make Travel Arrangements


"Dropped off" meals such as pizza or box lunches - Can use T-Card

Other catering that serves the meal - Can use T-Card only with system contracted vendors. Consult Catering - Urbana Campus.

Catering - Urbana Campus

Outside Caterers

8.1.1 Determine the Allowability of Business Meals and Refreshments
Collision Damage Waiver Insurance Allowable with approved T-Card Exception and only for motor vehicle rental in a foreign country

15.1.3 Make Travel Arrangements

Car Rental

T-Card Exception Request form

Foreign National Non-Employee Travel and Lodging Expenses See policy for considerations when determining allowability
Payments to Foreign National Non-Employees
Student Travel Allowed if student travel primarily benefits the system 8.2.1 Request Reimbursement for Domestic or International Employee Travel and Business Meals
Spouse or Family Travel Expenses If specifically allowed in a grant or contract and prior approval is granted 15.1.4 Determine Allowability of Travel Expenses
Toll Charges - Parking, Road, Bridge and Tunnel Fees Pre-paid tolls not allowed (for example, I-Pass) 15.1.4 Determine Allowability of Travel Expenses
Travel and Lodging for System Guests Limited to travel and lodging expenses when supporting the system's mission 8.2.5 Request Non-Employee Reimbursement
Travel Insurance Exception approved for foreign travel only
T-Card Exception Request form
Travel Packages Limited to system guests only 15.1.3 Make Travel Arrangements
Vehicle rental Use system-contracted providers where available. Personal use items such as child car seats and additional drivers are prohibited Car Rental

Last Updated: October 26, 2017 | Approved: Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance | Effective: September 2012

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