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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

8 Payments and Reimbursements

8.1 Allowable Expenses

8.1.1 Determine the Allowability of Business Meals and Refreshments
8.1.2 Determine the Allowability of Serving Alcohol at an Event
8.1.3 Determine the Allowability of Specific Expenditures

8.1.4 Determine the Allowability of Gifts, Prizes, and Awards to Individuals
8.1.5 Determine the Allowability of Specific Financial Support or Sponsorship Payments to Outside Organizations

8.2 Requesting Reimbursements

8.2.1 Request Reimbursement for Domestic or International Employee Travel and Business Meals
8.2.2. Request Reimbursement for Items Purchased on Behalf of the University
8.2.3 Request Reimbursement for Employee Moving Expenses
8.2.4 Provide Justification for Reimbursement Requests Older than 60 Days
8.2.5 Request Non-Employee Reimbursement
Additional Resources for 8.2
Moving Reimbursements for Faculty, Administrators, and Academic Professional Staff

8.3 Program Advances

8.3.1 Open a Program Advance
8.3.2 Close a Program Advance

8.4 Payments to Human Subjects

8.4.1 Open a Program Advance to Pay Human Subjects in Cash or Cash Equivalents
8.4.2 Reconciliation of a Program Advance
8.4.3 Replenish a Program Advance to Pay Human Subjects
8.4.4 Close a Program Advance to Pay Human Subjects
8.4.5 Partial Close of a Program Advance to Pay Human Subjects
8.4.6 Request Checks Made Payable to Human Subjects

8.5 Vendor Setup and Maintenance

8.6 Requesting Payments to Vendors and Non-Employees

8.6.1 Request Direct Payment for Approved Goods and Services
8.6.2 Request Payment for Honoraria
8.6.3 Request Payment for Contract for Services under $10,000
8.6.4 Request Payment for Cash Gifts, Prizes, and Awards
8.6.5 Request a Vendor Check Payment for Professional Development Activities
8.6.6 Process Educational Payments to Students - has been replaced with 8.10 Process Educational Payments to Students
8.6.7 Request Payment from a Registered Organization Fund
8.6.8 Pay Professional Movers for Employee Moving Expenses
8.6.9 Request Scholarship Payments to Non-University of Illinois Students
8.6.10 Request Incentive Payment for Activity Participation
8.6.11 Refund Money to a Payee
8.6.12 Participant Support Costs
Additional Resources for 8.6
Reporting Foreign Bank Payments
Routing Vendor Invoices

8.7 Cell Phone & Data Plan Business Expenses

8.8 Payment Methods and Check Cancellations

8.8.1 Request Payment by Foreign Check (Draft)
8.8.2 Request Payment by Wire Transfer
8.8.3 Determine Status of Checks Not Received by the Payee
8.8.4 Request a Check Cancellation
8.8.5 Submit 50 or More Payment Requests
Additional Resources for 8.8
Electronic Disbursements

8.9 Exceptions

8.9.1 Request an Exception

8.10 Process Educational Payments to Students

8.10.1 Assistantships
8.10.2 Payments from Gift or Endowment Income Funds
8.10.3 Payments to Non-Matriculated Students
8.10.4 Prizes and Awards
8.10.5 Recruitment and Public Service Participation Payments
8.10.6 Research and Travel Payments
8.10.7 Scholarships, Fellowships and Educational Assistance Grants
8.10.8 Tangible Items

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