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12.2.1 Complete a Biennial Inventory

Before You Begin

University and state regulations require each unit to complete and certify a physical inventory of University equipment once every two years. The original cost of equipment, not the depreciated value, determines whether the equipment is subject to state property control regulations and must be included in the physical inventory.

Make sure the unit contact has attended Biennial Physical Inventory of Equipment Training and that they train everyone involved in the biennial inventory.


To conduct a biennial inventory:

  1. University Property Accounting and Reporting (UPAR) will notify you that your unit must conduct a physical inventory of the items on your equipment records.
  2. Run the Fixed Asset by Org report in EDDIE (Enterprise Data Delivery and Information Environment).
  3. Compare each asset record on your Fixed Asset by Org Report with the movable equipment assigned to your unit and/or located within its physical facility. Verify that all information recorded for each item is accurate.
  4. Investigate ALL equipment located in your unit's assigned facility space. If your unit uses alternative verification methods (such as bar coding), you must still verify all the equipment's attributes.
  5. If your unit would like to use an alternate method to upload equipment updates directly into Banner, consult with UPAR to confirm your method will work before proceeding.

  6. Make attribute corrections in FABweb. Condition codes are important because they are used in the calculation of the F&A rate charged to sponsored projects.
    • If any items cannot be located, change the Condition Code in FABweb to "P" for "pending resolution."
    • Update the condition code for items that are unused or needed for emergency or other standby purposes as "not available, not in use" (availability code "N").
    • Update the condition code for items not needed for standby purposes as "surplus" (availability code "S"). If the item is available for use by other units, update the code as "available" (availability code "A").
  7. Submit the certification letter that was included in the original notification from UPAR by the due date given in the physical inventory notification.
  8. Resolve all items that are in "pending resolution" status and update records in FABweb by the due date given in the physical inventory notification. If your unit fails to conduct the biennial inventory or the unresolved discrepancies are significant, your Vice President, Vice Chancellor, or Provost will be notified and asked to help resolve the discrepancies.

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