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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

12.1.7 Identify Donated, Found, and Other Non-Cash Addition Equipment

Policy Statement

A non-cash addition is equipment that is not in Banner Fixed Assets and should be because it is owned by the University Illinois System. This can happen when the item is found or acquired through donation, loan, or transfer from another institution. It will not automatically appear in your list of FABweb new acquisitions. Therefore, it must be added to Banner Fixed Assets by Property Accounting.


To identify non-cash addition equipment:

  1. Determine whether the item fits one of the categories below:

Fabricated Equipment - Constructed within the system. Includes costs of drawings, designs, labor, component parts, materials, and supplies used in construction.

Installment Purchase - Bought "on time." Ownership is transferred to the system after a series of payments.

Found - Item meets all these criteria:

  • Located in a unit’s space and is not on the unit’s inventory list.
  • Not found in search of the system's Banner Form FFIMAST.
  • Has a current estimated fair market value of $2,500 or more. 

Donated or Gift - Given so the system did not need to purchase (does not include real property).

Certificate of Participation - Acquired through external financing such as issuance of a bond or bonded indenture.

Other - Acquired from other agencies or institutions. Researchers may bring equipment with them. Report equipment obtained from the State Surplus Warehouse or directly from another State of Illinois agency to University Property Accounting and Reporting (UPAR).

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First Published: June 2011 | Last Updated: March 2023 | Last Reviewed: March 2023

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