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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

8.2.4 Provide Justification for Reimbursement Requests Older than 60 Days

Policy Statement

Reimbursement requests received by University Payables (UPAY) more than 60 days after an expense is incurred may be reported as taxable income, unless you submit a reasonable justification for the delay and it is approved by University Payables through the Travel and Expense Management System (TEM).

The justification is processed through the Travel and Expense Management System (TEM), and is granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on individual circumstances. Reasonable justifications include unforeseen events, such as:

  • The employee was not able to submit a request for his/her reimbursements because of an illness, a death in the family, or an act of nature.
  • The employee was out of the country for an extended period of time, and was unable to submit receipts and a request for reimbursement.
  • Funding from another institution or agency was delayed.
  • The employee was on leave or travel status for a significant period of time and was not in the office long enough to submit a request for reimbursement.
  • The unit did not create or approve the request within the 60 days.


To provide justification for reimbursement requests older than 60 days:

  1. Log in to TEM. In the Create New area, select the Expense Report icon. Consult the job aid for System Navigation if you need help identifying the icon.
  2. In the Document Header screen, select either "Employee Travel/Meal Reimbursements and T-Card Charges" or "Employee Misc Expense Reimbursement" from the drop-down list in the Purpose field.
  3. Proceed through the screens. Consult the Create an Expense Report (ER) job aid for step-by-step instructions, including how to submit any itemized receipts and other supporting documentation. TEM will ask you to explain why the expenses are older than 60 days. Entering the explanation/justification is the only action needed.
  4. UPAY reviews the request and processes for payment. If the justification is not in compliance with IRS tax rules, UPAY submits the information to Payroll for tax withholding.

If the request was submitted after the 60-day deadline because of unit delays, the unit may gross-up the reimbursement to compensate for the taxes withheld from the employee's wages.

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