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Office Machine Repair

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Chicago Campus

Departments in the Chicago campus are encouraged to call the local vendors for their off-campus office machine repair needs, or submit a requisition for on-campus office machine repair needs. For additional information contact the Purchasing Division at 312-996-2850.

Springfield Campus

Departments in the Springfield campus are encouraged to call the Purchasing Division for information on local vendors for their office machine repair needs. For information contact Jill Menezes at 217-206-6651.

Urbana Campus

Beginning July 2010 each University Department will submit copier meter reads and/or annual agreement(s) for their equipment using the University's electronic procurement system (iBuy) non-catalog vendor forms. Once the Department approves the iBuy order, iBuy will automatically fax or email a purchase order for that meter read billing or annual agreement to the vendor. Note that each meter read will generate a new purchase order each month. The department must select a vendor that is associated with the piece of equipment from the master contract list below.

For office machine equipment not covered under a maintenance agreement that requires repair services (time and materials) the department must select a vendor from the OMR master contract list and pay for the repair services (time and materials) on a P-Card. The Vendor Name and Contract Number must be the initial information in the Description line of the P-Card Log. See OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 7.6 The University Purchasing Card (P-Card).

Annual Maintenance Agreements

Monthly Copier Meter Reads or one-time payments:

  • There are two types of copier annual maintenance agreements (1) a department submits a monthly meter read that pays the agreement for actual usage throughout the year OR (2) a one-time payment at the beginning of the fiscal year that may have allotted copies with overage charges if the allotted copies are exceeded. *NOTE:  When viewing the Contracted vendor spreadsheet, if both methods are offered (meter reads or one-time payment) the department must choose one of the agreement methods and use the associated vendor with that agreement.
  • Copier meter reads are submitted each month to the vendor using iBuy non-catalog vendor forms.
  • Annual maintenance agreements are submitted at the beginning of each fiscal year using iBuy non-catalog vendor forms.
  • Job Aids to process iBuy transactions are located below the Contracted Vendor pricing sheet and on the OBFS training website under Purchasing job aids
  • Departments should contact the appropriate vendor on the OMR master contract list that is associated with the piece of equipment when:
    • considering maintenance plan coverage for equipment,
    • an office machine needs service - either maintenance or repair service*, or
    • there is a need to add or remove equipment covered under an OMR maintenance plan.

*NOTE: When selecting the vendor for time and materials (repair service), you must use the vendor associated with the piece of equipment that needs repair, e.g., a Sharp copier that does not have a maintenance agreement would be repaired by either CDS Office Technologies or Watts Copy systems.

XEROX annual maintenance agreements:

  • Xerox has different levels of service maintenance agreements. Please see instructions in the Contracted Vendor pricing sheet labeled "XEROX".

RK Dixon Billing Process:

Beginning July 2011, meter reads for Urbana campus Canon Copiers (both purchased and rental/lease) will be performed each month by RK Dixon staff (Ron Oldani). RK Dixon will submit the invoice data on a spreadsheet to Purchasing and University Payables for processing. Each month your Canon Copier meter read charges will post directly to your financial statement with the description of: 'model'/'serial'<space>'start'/'end'@$'rate'.

What does this mean for your department? Your department no longer needs to take a monthly meter read for any Canon Copiers (purchased or leased/rented) and submit an iBuy requisition! Each month, the transaction information will be posted in spreadsheet format below for reconciliation purposes.

Below are some FAQ's how this program will work. If you have any questions regarding this program, please use the Service Desk Request Form


Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about my charge?
A. Resolution of charges should begin with contacting RK Dixon (Connie Lasek 800-553-0020)

Q. Can I contact the Urbana Purchasing Department with customer service issues?
A. Yes, the department may contact the Urbana Purchasing Department with any billing or customer service issues for charges or questions. The department may be referred to RK Dixon for billing questions and resolution. Please submit an AITS Service Desk Ticket to allow the inquiry to be distributed among Urbana purchasing staff.

Q. I bought a new Canon Copier, how do I activate my maintenance service?
A. The purchase of a new Canon copier comes with a 90 day warranty. RK Dixon will make arrangements with the department to take a meter read when the 90 day warranty period ends. This meter read becomes the beginning meter read to calculate the next month's copier meter charge that will appear on the department's financial statement.

Q. What happens if I want to surplus or trade-in my Canon Copier?
A. If a department plans to surplus or trade-in the Canon copier that is on a maintenance agreement with monthly meter read, the department must contact RK Dixon to terminate the maintenance agreement and allow a reasonable amount of time for RK Dixon to conduct a final meter read on the copier. If the department does not contact RK Dixon and allow a final meter read on the copier, RK Dixon has the right to calculate a reasonably estimated final meter read and the charges will be posted directly to the departments C-FOP in the monthly cycle.

OMR Master Contact and pricing sheets:

Vendor Contact Information:


  • The Contract number is used in iBuy and P-Card (Time/Materials for Repair)
  • iBuy: Contract # = Catalog #
  • P-Card: Add the Contract number as the first information in the description line of your P-card Log.

RK Dixon Monthly Charges - FY2019

RK Dixon Monthly Charges - FY2020

OMR Vendor Pricing Sheets:

The vendor pricing sheets contain the Make/Models of equipment, pricing and contact information.  Due to the confidentiality of the pricing sheets, you will login through bluestem to access this information. 
There are four tabs to the spreadsheet: Copiers, Xerox Equipment, Other Equipment, and Vendor Contact information.  When selecting a vendor for either maintenance agreements or time and material charges (repair service), you must use the vendor associated with the piece of equipment.

Urbana Purchasing Contacts:

For assistance with Office Machine Repair, please use the Service Desk Request Form

Note: For printers and copiers located off campus or for rental copiers, please contact Purchasing at 217-333-3505.

Last Updated: September 18, 2019

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