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Chicago Campus

If you are on the Chicago campus and wish to make a computer hardware/software purchase, visit the Micro/Station Computer Store or call the Purchases office at 312-996-2850.

Springfield Campus

If you are on the Springfield campus and wish to make a computer hardware purchase, Please go to the Dell and HP punch-out catalogs that are located in iBuy and make your purchase.

Urbana Campus

The Ten Point Memo/Requirement applies to planned acquisitions of computer equipment, networking equipment and software (packaged and developed) for any purpose having a purchase price greater than $25,000. All sources of funds (state, institutional, trust, etc.) are covered by this policy. These purchases are reviewed for technical and financial complications and to satisfy State-reporting requirements.

The objectives of this policy are:

  • To review the adequacy of the proposed system as a solution for problems considered.

  • To evaluate the impact of the acquisition on University facilities, including space, utilities, and air conditioning.

  • To evaluate the impact of the acquisition on campus computer systems, both existing systems and future systems development.

  • To determine that cost effective alternatives, if any, have been considered.

  • To identify probable growth of expenditures and assure that financial requirements related to the acquisition are understood.

  • To satisfy State reporting and approval requirements.

The procedures and form are located at Campus Administrative Manual (Urbana only).

The form must be completed and approved, as indicated in the procedures on the above listed Web site, then forwarded with the purchase order request to the Purchasing Division.

Last Updated: September 3, 2010