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University Catering is the preferred caterer for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign events. University Catering is easy, convenient, and provides service to a wide range of locations including the I-Hotel Conference Center, the Illini Union, and the Alice Campbell Alumni Center.

Benefits of using University Catering include:

  • An approved purchase order is not required.
  • The department's C-FOP is charged directly by University Catering.
  • The department does not need to collect a certificate of liability insurance from the vendor nor verify that the vendor is on the Insured Caterer's list.

What is a non-University caterer?

A non-University entity (outside vendor) that serves food, beverages, and/or liquor at an event primarily attended by or open to the general public is considered a "caterer" for University of Illinois System purposes. Besides providing food, beverages, and/or liquor, the vendor typically provides set-up (including the use of caterer-provided equipment), food service/onsite preparation, and clean-up. Caterers are required to comply with U of I policy including having proper certifications, licenses, and insurance.

Due to onsite labor, vendor requirements, and contractual agreements, an approved purchase order is required.

Examples of catered event:

  • Social Events
  • Official Receptions
  • Development events
  • Alumni Receptions

What is a non-catered event?

A "non-catered" event consists of food/beverage delivery or drop off only. The delivery person does not provide onsite service. There is no set-up, no serving of food/beverage, and no clean-up. Vendors delivering food items for non-catered events are not required to be on the insured caterer's list. [Note: Some facilities have exclusive catering agreements that do not allow the drop-off of food and beverage items in the facility. Check with the facility to ensure drop-off food and beverages are allowed.]

The T-Card may be used for non-catered events when the vendor does not require a contract and the cost of the event is within the T-Card's single transaction limit. Please refer to the Travel Card (T-Card) page on the OBFS website for more information.

To provide food/beverage drop off for non-catered events, inclusion on the Insured Caterer's List (see below) is not required.

Important Catering Information

For a complete explanation of catering definitions and insurance requirements, please visit the University Risk Management website.

Alcoholic beverages may be purchased according to policy established in OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 8 Payments and Reimbursements. If a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Unit or any unit using an Urbana Campus facility plans the sale or service of liquor/alcoholic beverages at the event, the Urbana Campus Alcohol Management form must be approved prior to your event. Please refer to the Campus Administrative Manual regarding the University of Illinois Alcohol Management Policy and for instructions and online submission of the Alcohol Approval Form.

Insured Caterer's List

  • The insured caterer's list includes the vendors who currently meet the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign insurance requirements.
  • Insured Caterer's List [updated: 12/1/23]

Who to contact

Urbana Purchasing - Phone: 217-333-3505

University Payables Card Services - Phone: 217-333-6583

Service Desk Request Form

Last Updated: December 1, 2023

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