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These pages help University staff identify sources of goods and services with negotiated special pricing and terms for the University of Illinois.

By creating and maintaining a number of contracts with suppliers from various market segments, the system maximizes collaborative partnerships with suppliers to provide commonly used goods and services for use by the U of I System community. These agreements have been negotiated to include the system's purchasing power, and to ensure that the products or services purchased represent the "best value" for the University of Illinois, taking into consideration factors such as the cost of the item, delivery, extended or expanded warranties, before and after market support, training, upgrades, exchanges and return policies. These system-wide contracts provide consistent pricing and contractual terms for the campuses.

These partnerships cover a variety of suppliers and the corresponding goods and services required for the daily operation of a large University of Illinois System, encompassing Procurement Contracts Search, Campus Stores, and Diversity Suppliers as well as a number of individual suppliers that provide beneficial agreements for a unique or specific campus need.

Last Updated: July 24, 2018

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