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Strategic Procurements

The Strategic Procurement Department leverages the University of Illinois System's collective spend to establish strategic contracts for use across all three system universities. Strategic Procurement works with the three universities' purchasing units to ascertain strategic opportunities, determine the applicability of a contract for purchase, and to address contracted vendor related issues.

The Strategic Procurement Department consists of the following three sections:

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Solicitation, Renewals and Contracts

Solicitations, Renewals and Contracting works with Data Analytics, university purchasing units and end-users to determine strategic procurement opportunities and to review current contracts for renewal.

After award of a solicitation, Solicitations, Renewals and Contracting works with the awarded vendor(s) to execute a sytem-wide contract. Upon execution of contracts, Solicitations, Renewals and Contracting works with Contract Administration on the communication, kick-off meetings and iBuy implementation.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics works with available information to provide Solicitations, Renewals and Contracting with the tools to determine the greatest cost savings on real spend. After the award, Data Analytics collaborates efforts with Contract Administration to ensure the greatest value is realized from each solicitation along with providing ad hoc and recurring support for data driven initiatives with the intent to deliver the greatest value at the lowest possible cost to our end users.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration is responsible for the day-to-day management of contracted Strategic Procurement vendors. The management of Strategic Procurement vendors includes, transitions to new vendors, implementations of iBuy catalogs, review of price adjustments, quarterly and yearly vendor reviews, and addressing other contract-related issues.

Contract Administration participates in the solicitation, renewal and contracting process with Solicitations, Renewals and Contracting to understand the scope of the solicitation and the contracts executed. Contract Administration also works with Data Analytics to determine the applicability of pricing adjustment requests, creation of and review of price variance reports, and cost savings/cost avoidance strategies.

Information for select strategic procurements can be found in iBuy. Once in iBuy you can either click on the "contract" link at the top, or on the contracts symbol image of iBuy contracts symbol on the left hand side, of the iBuy home page.

Contact Debbie Montgomery at (217) 300-6818 or for questions about strategic procurements in the following commodity groups:

  • Facilities
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Information Technology
  • KRS102 IT Consultants  
  • Office Supplies and Services
  • Professional Services
    • Collection Agencies
    • Insurance
    • Search Firms
  • Scientific
  • Travel

Contact for general information about strategic procurement.

Last Updated: July 13, 2018

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