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Chicago and Urbana Campuses

Express Mail Services

The Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) has determined that the use of the University's P-Card (MasterCard™) represents a "best business" practice for the payment of small dollar value service transactions for UPS and other express mail providers. UPS is the University's "Prime Supplier" for express mail shipments. By using the UPS contract, departments may save up to 50% on their shipping charges. See the domestic and international rates for more information.

Effective July 1, 2003: With the exception of UPS WorldShip users, payments to express mail service providers must be made using the University P-Card (MasterCard™). Departments who do not already have a P-Card should contact their campus P-Card administrator for information on how to obtain a P-Card.


The University has worked with UPS to develop a user-friendly shipping tool that supports P-Card payments. This solution is called CampusShip and is now available to the campus. CampusShip features P-Card payment, one-screen shipping information, and displays University discounted prices. Departments using the standard UPS Web shipping solution should consider using the CampusShip Web site. CampusShip training is available through Purchasing. To access the training schedule, visit the OBFS Training Center and select UPS CampusShip, or see the CampusShip User Guide . To request access to CampusShip please complete the Service Desk Request Form.

For information on shipping and receiving hazardous material please visit the Division of Research Safety Web site.

UPS Services

  • UPS contract rates for letters and packages (domestic, international)

  • UPS-supplied insurance rates (see University-supplied insurance for items valued at $10,00+)

  • Tracking, shipping history, schedule pickups

  • Pick up from all University offices upon request

    • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday

    • 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)

  • Pick up from UPS Drop Boxes until 6 p.m.

    UPS Drop Box location may be found in CampusShip by:
    1. Logging into CampusShip

    2. Selecting Resources tab

    3. Selecting UPS Locations on the Resources page

    4. Entering Location information

  • Provide all bills-of-lading

  • Provide all special envelopes and pouches

  • Provide computer software


WorldShip is a special software program targeted at mid range to large users for production type shipping that provides services and shipping information to 30+ University of Illinois departments. Departments currently using WorldShip will be allowed to continue to do so. However, WorldShip does not support use of the P-Card. Departments must submit requisitions to allow Purchasing to establish a Banner Standing Order that can be used to process invoice payments for those departments using the UPS WorldShip application. Departments should work with the Purchasing Division and their UPS representative to determine if the WorldShip is their best shipping solution.

Questions and access requests should be submitted through the Service Desk Request Form.

Springfield Campus

United Parcel Service is the Prime supplier for shipping needs on the Springfield campus. The Springfield campus can contact Mail Services at 206-6658 for their USPS mailing and UPS shipping needs. Please use the UPS Service Request Form when sending packages via UPS.

Last Updated: October 24, 2018

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