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Travel Card (T-Card)

The University of Illinois T-Card is a charge card authorized by the Department Head that may be used by University employees to purchase qualified travel expenses, business meals and/or refreshments for specific events. It is a University-paid, University-liability MasterCard® which may be used to relieve the employee from significant out of pocket expenses.

  • The T-Card may be issued to qualified University employees, including graduate students, who travel on University business and/or incur frequent authorized business meal or refreshment expenses.
  • The Travel and Expense Management (TEM) system is the repository for processing T-Card transactions.
  • T-Card transactions load nightly in TEM and are processed using the TEM Expense Report (ER) approval workflow. The Cardholder or Proxy is responsible for:
    • associating the T-Card transactions with an ER
    • entering all required supporting documentation
    • imaging all original receipts to TEM and associating them with the applicable ER
  • The T-Card may be used for University approved lodging, air, rail, and bus travel, car rentals, parking, tolls, and qualified business meals and/or refreshments for specific events.
  • The T-Card can be used to purchase airfare through a University contracted travel agency or any air travel provider that offers the needed itinerary at the most economical price, including online booking tools or airline direct websites.
  • Personal purchases are prohibited on a T-Card.
  • The Department Head will be responsible to:
    • authorize the T-Card applicants and Travel Arrangers
    • assign card limits appropriate for the business need
    • assign the Department Card Manager (DCM)
  • Travel Arrangers are University employees who facilitate the purchase of authorized travel for:
    • guests of the University
    • employees within their unit who are not issued a T-Card
    • Cardholders who prefer to delegate their travel arrangements

Last Updated: January 12, 2017

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