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Equipment Management

Transfers and Loans


Whether it's a computer being loaned to a staff member for a week, or lab equipment being loaned to another institution for two years, follow these procedures to document the terms of the loan and the location of the borrowed equipment:

+ 12.3.7 Equipment Loans to Faculty, Staff, or Students
+ 12.3.3 Loan Equipment to Another Unit
+ 12.3.6 Loan Equipment to Another Institution


There are different forms and rules depending on the type of transfer and what fund was used to purchase the equipment. Follow these procedures to ensure the paperwork and approvals are correct for your transfer:

+ 12.3.1 Transfer Equipment to Another Unit
+ 12.3.2 Process an "Internal Sale" of Equipment to Another Unit
+ 12.3.4 Permanently Transfer Equipment with Researcher
+ 12.3.5 Other Permanent Equipment Transfer Situations

Training Resources

For information about internal sales and transfers of equipment to another unit, consult Accounting and Financial Reporting Training Materials.

Last Updated: August 1, 2023

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