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Accounting & Financial Reporting

Banner Account Codes


The Account code designates the transaction as an expense, revenue, asset, or liability and is a very important part of the C-FOAPAL string.  Proper Account code usage is crucial for accurate financial reporting and state reporting requirements.  Because of these reasons, determining the proper Account code for a particular transaction requires careful thought and consideration.  The Account Code Search application is an easy way to identify the appropriate Account code to use for your various transactions!

Account Code Search

The Account Code Search application is a tool that allows you to search for Account codes using keywords, much like a Google search. You can browse all Account codes, mark frequently used Account codes as favorites, and refer to a glossary for technical terms.

We need your help! If you are not finding the appropriate Account code using a term or keyword, contact us at and submit to so that we can add the term or keyword to the examples or description of the appropriate Account code.

Banner Account Codes

P-Card Account Code Listing is a list of allowable Account codes for P-Card use. This list will assist in determining the proper coding of P-Card order logs/transactions, thus avoiding rejection of the transaction in Banner, the University's financial system of record. Please Note: the listing does not take into consideration the ability to allow the Account code in a particular fund.

Last Updated: April 14, 2017

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