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Equipment Management

Tags - Numbers and Labels

In Banner Fixed Asset equipment is identified by two tags. OTag (Origination Tag) refers to the asset reference number. PTag (Permanent Tag/physical label) refers to the physical label affixed to the equipment.

OTag (Origination Tag/Reference Number)

When an invoice using an appropriate equipment account code is paid, Banner automatically creates a skeletal equipment record in FABweb and assigns the Otag number. An OTag number exists only as a reference number in Banner and is not on a physical label.

An OTag is a 9-digit number beginning with T for assets created directly in Banner on or after July 1, 2003. Assets that were acquired before July 1, 2003 are known as legacy assets. The records for these legacy assets were converted into Banner records at the time of Banner implementation and were assigned 9-digit OTag numbers beginning with O.

O00000080 - OTag number of a legacy asset
T00006786 - OTag number automatically generated by Banner

PTag (Permanent Tag/Physical Label)

To maintain uniformity, labels that have property control (PTag) numbers on them are distributed by University Property Accounting and Reporting (UPAR). For identification and control purposes, all equipment under the jurisdiction of the University of Illinois System must be assigned a property control (PTag) number that must be affixed to the equipment. Units must affix labels in accordance with the process in OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 12.1.6 Affix Property Labels.

The full PTag number must be used when updating asset information in FABweb or preparing transfer or disposal forms. For specific information about dollar thresholds, consult OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 12.1.6 Affix Property Labels and 12.1.9 Determine Capitalization Thresholds.

PTag numbers are 9 digits long. The format of the PTag number is constructed as follows:

  • Digit 1 = "P" for new acquisitions, "L" (from "legacy") for converted records, or "S" for converted records with multiple components
  • Digits 2-3 = Campus location: 10-Urbana, 20-Chicago, 22-DSCC, 24-Peoria, 26-Rockford, 40-Springfield
  • Digits 4-9 = A sequential number to distinguish the specific asset

Units are responsible for the internal controls outlined in OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 12.2.3 Comply with Unit Head Property Custodial Responsibilities.

Reference Number Assignment

Because the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, Administrative Code, Section 5010.400 mandates that property records be adjusted within 30 days of acquisition, change, or deletion of equipment items, all steps in the process of equipment acquisition and Banner record creation must be done promptly and accurately.

Request Replacement PTags

If your unit identifies equipment assigned a PTag in Banner, but no physical tag is affixed, you may request a replacement PTag by sending an email to the equipment processor assigned to your unit's org.

The PTag will be printed by our office and sent to you via campus mail.

Order Red & White "State of Illinois, University of Illinois" Stickers

UIUC units can order unnumbered labels/stickers directly from iStores by clicking the following the link: iStores. Type "Property" in the Quick Find box on the left of the page. The product name is "U OF I PROPERTY STICKERS" and the SKU is "11244000". UIC and UIS units will need to create a punchout catalog order in iBuy as outlined on page 12 in the iBuy Training Guide.  Once a punchout catalog order and cart are ready, UIC and UIS units can open the iStores icon from the iBuy mainpage to shop and order labels.

Last Updated: December 12, 2019

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