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Equipment Management Frequently Asked Questions

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FABweb Transfer and Disposal

Donations/Loans/Gifts/Personal Use



Updating Records in FABweb

Tags (Origination, Permanent)





FABweb Transfer and Disposal

Q. How can I enter multiple items on a single disposal/transfer request?

A. After adding the first item to the request, continue to "find" Banner records and "add" non-Banner records to create a single request with multiple items.

Processing a FABweb Scrap/Surplus Request

Processing a FABweb Transfer

Q. If I click on the forward tab, will the request automatically forward before I have a chance to review?

A. No, clicking on the forward tab takes the user to a new tab in the request where they can enter comments, provide updated contact information, save an excel spreadsheet, and either submit or cancel a request.

Q. I started a request and saved it but I can't find it now. I received an email that I have a request to approve. Where is it?

A. In-process and unclaimed surplus/disposal and transfer requests are listed at the bottom of your FABweb main page. Please scroll down in your browser window to see all items in your FABweb inbox/working area.

Q. How do I view comments from all parties in a request?

A. Click the forward transfer tab and click the Save to Excel button. An excel spreadsheet will open with the comments from the preceding users involved in the disposal/transfer.

Q. What documentation should I retain for FABweb transfers and disposals?

A. Units should use the save to excel functionality on the FABweb transfer tab to retain an electronic copy of the transaction for their record keeping. Also retain any emails regarding the transaction to assist in future correspondence.

Q. When I used the Save to Excel function in FABweb, I noticed some of my equipment records did not appear on the spreadsheet. What do I do?

A. Isolated instances have been reported where the spreadsheets don't contain all records. In most cases the items are included but can't be seen without increasing the row height in the excel spreadsheet. Format your spreadsheet row height to 20. If records still aren't identified on the spreadsheet, please contact Janet Ayers at, or 312-996-2858.

Q. I don't have a forward tab on my surplus/disposal request. Where is it?

A. Once all items have been added to the request on the "Submit a Surplus/Disposal" page, users must hit the continue button and then the separate FABweb summary and forward tabs appear.

Q. Where can I designate my campus surplus warehouse on a disposal request?

A. After all items have been added to the request, click the continue button. On this page you can indicate your campus surplus warehouse. This field defaults to chart 1-Urbana/Springfield. Chicago users need to update the warehouse chart to 2-Chicago for expected delivery to the UIC surplus warehouse.

Q. How do I know if the item I am disposing of is electronic?

A. For the purpose of disposing of equipment items through FABweb, the electronic designation should only be used for computers, laptops, servers, and computer hardware requiring data-wiping per state law. Computer peripherals like keyboards, mice and monitors don't require data-wiping and should be submitted as "non-electronic" for the purpose of the FABweb disposal request. There are special requirements to dispose of electronic equipment at UIS.

UIS Equipment Transfers and Disposals Procedures 

Disposal of Electronic Equipment at UIS 

Q. How should I handle inter-department transfers now that Property Accounting is no longer involved in the notification and approval process?

A. The originating unit and receiving unit need to correspond through email or phone to ensure the other party is aware of the current status of the transfer. Although FABweb notification emails are sent in the workflow for the necessary approvals, a final completed email notification is not currently being sent. We hope to implement final email notifications within FABweb in the future. Units should supplement the FABweb email notifications throughout the process with emails to the other unit identifying when items have been approved and completed.

Q. Who can approve my requests in my organization?

A. In the near future, reports will be available to your Unit Security Contact (USC) to list current FABweb permissions for your organization. These listing will list both unit representatives and approvers. In the meantime, if you need your organization's listing of FABweb permissions or have questions about permissions, please contact Jeff Weaver, Senior Associate Director, Equipment, at 217-244-7978 or It is your unit's responsibility to ensure approvers have been designated for your organization and that access is limited to individuals needing access. If users need to be removed, please contact Cheryl Dodge,

Q. How does a new user in my organization request access to FABweb?

A. When requesting new user accounts, the actual user needing access needs to login to FABweb with their NetID and password and complete the Request Authorization page. The user will select their role: Unit Representative or Approver.

Q. I already have access to FABweb, how do I request an approver role?

A. For current users, login to FABweb and click the link found at the bottom of the Important Information box on the Main Menu.

Q. What training is available for transfers and disposals?

A. There are many resources available to learn about the transfer and disposal process. The instructor-led course FABweb Transfers and Disposals is offered periodically on all campuses. To register go to the course registration site at In addition to the instructor-led training there are also on-line tutorials for approving disposal and transfer requests as well as an overview of the process under webinars.

Donations/Loans/Gifts/Personal Use

Q. Can we donate computers to local primary and secondary schools?

A. No. As a rule, the State Department of Central Management Services does not approve requests to donate equipment. However, a request to donate/sell surplus equipment can be initiated by contacting Jeff Weaver, Senior Associate Director, Equipment, at 217-244-7978 or

Q. Do I add equipment donated to us to our inventory? If so, how do I record it?

A. Yes. Equipment received as a gift must be recorded by completing the appropriate gift form found on the Gift Forms page.

Q. Should I record equipment loaned to the University by an Individual, an Institution, or a Corporation?

A. Yes. Any equipment received on loan from anyone should be recorded in Banner Fixed Asset as a non-cash addition with the correct Title-To code.

Q. Can equipment be loaned to another University?

A. Yes. To process this type of loan, use the Equipment Loan to Institution of Higher Education form for equipment purchased with other than grants or gift funds. Also available are instructions to complete this form.

Equipment purchased with grant or gift funds may be loaned by completing the Sponsored Project Equipment Loan Agreement to Institutions of Higher Education.

Q. Can a faculty or staff person take equipment home?

A. Yes, but only for University use and with departmental approval can faculty or staff take equipment home. Equipment may be signed out for short period usage. When equipment is to be off campus for one semester or longer, a loan agreement must be completed, signed, and retained by the owning department.

Q. Can the department give a retiree the computer or chair they were using while employed by the University as a retirement gift?

A. No, this is prohibited by University policy and state law.


Q. What do I do when equipment has been stolen?

A. Report the theft of University equipment to the University Police Department. If the stolen equipment is on the departmental inventory, submit a Request Disposal Equipment as Scrap or Surplus form indicating in the comments section that the listed item(s) was stolen and attach a copy of the police report or a letter from the police department indicating a report has been filed.

Q. Can a department obtain insurance coverage for equipment?

A. Yes. Departments may obtain insurance coverage for equipment by contacting the University Office of Risk Management at 217-333-3113.

Q. Is University equipment insured for loss due to theft or casualty?

A. Generally, no. However, departments may obtain insurance coverage for equipment accompanying an employee traveling on University business. In addition, departments may work with the University Office of Risk Management (217-333-3113) to purchase insurance coverage on equipment as needed. Section 6, Insurance of the Business and Financial Policies and Procedures manual provide information to help units understand the types of insurance provided by the University. The University does not insure office contents (including but not limited to furniture, equipment, research, and scientific equipment) unless the unit head has arranged for insurance through the University Office of Risk Management and paid the required insurance premium.

Q. What do I do if an employee loses a piece of equipment?

A. University employees using University property assigned specifically to them are responsible for that equipment. They may be asked to reimburse the University if the equipment is lost, stolen, misplaced, or damaged because of neglect. Whether or not an employee is required to reimburse the department for lost equipment is determined by the unit head. Equipment lost or stolen should be reported to the University Police and OBFS Property Accounting. If the equipment was purchased with sponsored-project funds, the unit must also notify the loss to the appropriate campus OBFS Grants and Contracts Office.

Unit heads ensure that employees take adequate measures for the security of all equipment assigned to their units. In addition to unit heads, all individuals in a unit responsible for the security of equipment must consult with the campus University Police Department about appropriate security measures.

For more detailed information, please refer to Section 12 of the Business and Financial Policies and Procedures manual.

Q. What do I do with inventoried equipment that cannot be found?

A. Once a department has made a thorough search, equipment that cannot be located during a physical inventory may be disposed according to instructions provided in the Biennial Physical Inventory Manual and explained during training. The department may complete the Request Disposal Equipment as Scrap or Surplus form indicating that the listed items are "presumed scrapped without authorization." The completed form must be emailed to UPAR at with copy to the department head.


Q. Is a physical inventory of equipment conducted? If so, who is responsible; how and when is it done?

A. The University conducts Biennial Physical Inventory with half of UIUC and UIC campuses performing their physical inventory each year and UIS performs their inventory only on odd years. OBFS Property Accounting emails property contacts and department head on each campus notification of the critical dates and expectations for conducting the physical inventory. Departments run their own inventory verification report in EDDIE: UR FINANCE/UF FIFA Fixed Asset by Organization Report. Access for the report in EDDIE is granted through your departmental Unit Security Contact.

Q. Where do I get the inventoried equipment lists?

A. Departments may obtain a current listing of their inventoried equipment by accessing and running the UR FINANCE/UR FIFA Fixed Asset by Organization Report in EDDIE. Training on how to use this report is available with our Biennial Physical Inventory Training which is offered on each campus as each year's biennial documents are sent.

Q. Where do I send my inventory lists?

A. You should keep these lists in your department. The inventory verification lists used to conduct the physical inventory, complete with notations, are to be retained in the departmental files and made available to auditors and OBFS staff upon request. However, Biennial Inventory Certification letters for all campuses may be mailed to Juana Rodriguez, 426 Marshfield Ave. Building, 809 S. Marshfield - MC 548, Chicago, IL 60612 or FAX to (312) 413-9487.

Q. I just received notice that our Biennial Physical Inventory is past due, and we never received the materials. What do I do now?

A. Contact OBFS Property Accounting advising them of your situation. No extensions can be granted. However, OBFS Property Accounting will resend the inventory notification and work with you to complete your physical inventory as soon as possible.

Q. Can I get an extension on the date the Physical Inventory Certification Letter is due?

A. Extensions are not granted on the due dates for the Biennial Physical Inventory Certification letter. The department is considered tardy until the certification letter is received by OBFS Property Accounting. However, OBFS Property Accounting appreciates emails and phone calls to update the status of the certification letter.

Departments should indicate the Chart and Organization Codes as well as the Organization Title of the Department when submitting Biennial Inventory Certification letters to OBFS Property Accounting. Failure to include this required information may result in the department being considered tardy.

Updating Records in FABweb

Q. Why do the departments have to update FABweb?

A. Departments have detailed information required for a complete Banner Fixed Asset record which OBFS Property Accounting staff does not know. Therefore, departmental staff must update the new acquisition record with commodity code, description, location, custodian, equipment manager, model, manufacturer, serial number, component, trade-in information. When existing equipment is re-assigned, only the department can change the location, custodian, and equipment manager information.

Rather than sending these changes to OBFS Property Accounting staff to enter, it is faster and more accurate for departmental staff to enter the information directly into FABweb for upload to Banner.

Q. Is there a way to do same type multiple item updates in FABweb?

A. No, each asset [PTag] must be updated in FABweb individually.

Q. When I went into FABweb to update a PTag, it wasn't available in FABweb. What do I do?

A. Review the asset record in Banner FFIMAST. Contact the OBFS Property Accounting staff to let them know this happened. OBFS Property Accounting will review the FABweb and Banner systems to discover why it is not available. One reason may be that the asset was transferred to your organization in Banner, but the transfer has not been updated in FABweb. In this case, the department that previously owned the equipment must submit an update of the record in FABweb by adding a punctuation mark in the description field of the FABweb record. This will allow the record to be properly refreshed in FABweb.

Tags (Origination, Permanent)

Q. I purchased 2 items that go on inventory. Why are there 10 tags outstanding in FABweb?

A. Origination Tags (OTags) are assigned according to the way the Purchase Order indicator was set for document accounting or commodity accounting in Banner. Requisitions/Purchase Orders acquiring equipment must use the commodity accounting method which means the document accounting box must be un-checked.

Even when the document accounting box has been un-checked, OTags are generated based upon each line item. When several line items are used to list the cost of a part of a piece of equipment, each line item will generate an OTag. For example, a vendor invoice is paid which lists 4 separate parts that make up one piece of equipment:

 Widget I $550.00
 Widget II $450.00
 Widget III $650.00
 Widget IV $350.00

An Otag is created for each listed part:

 OTag 1 $550.00
 OTag 2 $450.00
 OTag 3 $650.00
 OTag 4 $350.00

In this example, OBFS Property Accounting staff would process a JV to create 4 credit DTags which are used to inactivate OTags 2, 3, & 4. The debit DTags are used to update OTag 1 with the additional cost of the OTags 2, 3 & 4. The end result will be OTag 1 with four funding lines totaling $2,000.00.

In either case, OBFS Property Accounting staff can process journal voucher transactions to combine the appropriate line items for each piece of equipment so the department will have one OTag for each piece of equipment.

Q. Who sends me my permanent tags?

A. OBFS Property Accounting staff sends the Permanent Tags (PTags) to departments that do not assign their own Permanent Tags. After the Fixed Asset record for a permanent tag is completed in Banner [the department has submitted the unit modified OTag to Property Accounting and Property Accounting has reviewed, assigned a PTag and submitted the PTag to Banner Fixed Asset], OBFS Property Accounting sends the department property contact the physical tag to be affixed to the equipment.

Q. Why does it take so long to get our PTags?

A. PTags assigned by OBFS Property Accounting staff cannot be sent until the completed new acquisition record has been forwarded to UPAR who reviews and submits to Banner Fixed Asset. OBFS Property Accounting seeks to have the completed record of every new acquisition submitted to Banner within 30 days after the invoice is paid. Reasons for the delay may be one or more of the following:

  • delay in payment of the invoice if the department does not approve the invoice for payment in a timely manner or if the vendor delays sending the invoice for payment

  • delay in the submission of the updated record to OBFS Property Accounting if the departmental property contact does not complete the departmental information required before submission to OBFS Property Accounting

  • delay in submitting the completed records to Banner if OBFS Property Accounting staff are backlogged and do not submit the unit modified record to Banner in a timely manner

  • delay in sending the physical tag to the department if OBFS Property Accounting staff do not mail the physical tag to the department in a timely manner.

Q. What do I do if an asset tag is missing?

A. A missing asset tag may be replaced by contacting the OBFS Property Accounting processor assigned to your department who will create a new tag and mail it to you. However, the replacement tag will only have the Permanent Tag Number without the bar code.


Q. I no longer work with property accounting matters, why am I being contacted by OBFS Property Accounting to submit acquisitions?

A. OBFS Property Accounting maintains a file of departmental contacts which has to be updated with new information. Whenever a change occurs, the department is responsible to complete and submit the Property Accounting Contact Change form.

Q. Why am I not getting the automatic FABweb messages when an item is inactivated?

A. You may not be listed as the department property contact. The FABweb email messages advising departments that an Origination Tag (OTag) has been inactivated are sent automatically to the property contact. If you need to be added to the list of department property contacts, complete the Property Accounting Contact Change form and send it to Juana Rodriguez, 426 Marshfield Ave. Building, 809 S. Marshfield - MC 548, Chicago, IL 60612 or FAX to (312) 413-9487.

Q. I don't understand why I am being asked for information about an item that "didn't show up in FABweb?"

A. At times, the program used to update FABweb with new acquisition transactions fails to pick up all of them. One specific reason is when there are multiple items purchased on the same P-Card transaction and the first acquisition is a supply item. Therefore, we recommend that P-Card users not mix equipment acquisitions with non-equipment acquisitions. Purchase equipment separate from supplies and/or services.

Q. I got an email telling me that I have 2 weeks to get my updated asset record submitted in FABweb. How do I find out about the item?

A. If you do not have access to FABweb, go to FABweb , click on the Logon button and follow the instructions for obtaining access. If you do have access to FABweb, once logged into FABweb, select the "new acquisition" option and all of your pending OTags will appear in FABweb. Additional information pertaining to the OTag record in FABweb may be found by referring to the Purchase Order/Invoice Voucher/P-Card/Journal Voucher. OBFS Property Accounting staff may assist you in finding and reviewing the purchase document.

Q. What notifications does OBFS Property Accounting expect from Department Property Contacts?

A. Departments must notify OBFS Property Accounting when:

  • Newly acquired equipment has a trade-in - Departments trading-in old equipment toward the purchase of new equipment must communicate this information to OBFS Property Accounting by entering information in FABweb so the equipment that was traded-in may be removed from inventory and any remaining book value can be added to the cost of the new equipment.

  • Equipment is being returned for credit - The credit transaction will then be handled properly and the equipment record will be removed from inventory.

  • Equipment items are being paid in multiple payments - Proper notification will reduce the amount of journal voucher entries required to correctly record the new acquisition. Such transactions require special handling and a special account code, 127190, is used in the payment process to record the purchase payments until the final payment has been made. At that time the new asset is recorded in Banner Fixed Asset.


Q. What is EDDIE? How do I use it?

A. EDDIE is the Enterprise Date Delivery Information Environment used to retrieve, view, and print financial and fixed asset reports. Access to EDDIE can be obtained by sending a request to your Unit Security Contact. Two reports are available for fixed asset users:

  • FINANCE UR Reports - UR FIFA Fixed Asset by Organization report will give you a listing of your active inventory of moveable equipment for use in performing your physical inventory requirements. Training on how to use this report is available with Biennial Physical Inventory training sessions.

  • UI2 FINANCE/Fixed Assets - FIFX Monthly Activity by Chart and Organization report is used to reconcile your departmental inventory activity with the transactions processed in Banner Fixed Assets each month. The report contains several sub-reports showing new acquisitions, funding changes, disposals, transfers in and transfers out. Training on how to use this report is available as part of the FABweb training sessions.


Q. What is the difference between commodity codes and account codes?

A. Account Codes indicate the type expense category for equipment purchased and indicates whether equipment is expensed or capitalized or is not equipment.

Equipment account codes are a part of the CFOAPAL:

 127nnn equipment with cost from $500 to 2,499.99
 161nnn equipment with cost from $2,500 to $4,999.99
 163nnn equipment with cost of $5,000 and above

Commodity Codes classify equipment purchased. Departments must take extreme care in assigning the correct commodity code for a newly acquired asset because the commodity code determines the useful life of the asset which directly affects the annual calculation of depreciation. For example, the commodity code for computer hardware and peripherals for microcomputers is 204nn and for automotive vehicles and related equipment is 07000.

Q. Why are Location Codes important?

A. Location codes are extremely important not only for locating assets during the biennial physical inventory but also in the calculation of indirect cost rates.


Q. Why is the historical cost of equipment more than what was paid for the item?

A. The total cost of purchased equipment includes shipping/transportation and installation costs.

Q. Why can't I get into FABweb to submit my department's acquisitions?

A. If you have not been granted permission to access FABweb, go to the FABweb site, click on the Logon button and follow the instructions for obtaining access.

If you have been granted access to FABweb, the system may be temporarily down

Please contact OBFS Property Accounting. If known, contact the staff person who handles your organization. If not known, contact Cheryl Dodge at 217-244-0039.

Q. How do I record the acquisition of software?

A. Software may be used for research or administrative purposes. The following account codes are valid whether the software was purchased or developed in house.

Research software is expensed using the account code 168200 in the year of acquisition.

Administrative software with a cost of $100,000 or more is capitalized using the account code 168600. Administrative software with a cost less than $100,000 is expensed using the account code 168100.

Last Updated: October 13, 2016

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