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Equipment Management

Biennial Inventory

To access the new Biennial Inventory web application, go to FABweb/Biennial Inventory

University policy and state regulations require each unit to complete and certify a physical inventory of University movable equipment every two years.

The biennial inventory process requires verification of the accuracy of the equipment record and assures that the item is physically present.

For step-by-step instructions on completing the Biennial Inventory using the new Biennial Inventory application and optional mobile apps, consult and follow the instructions provided within the OBFS on-line training resources:

If you have questions about the inventory process, contact University Property Accounting and Reporting (UPAR) at

On-line Certification

All units must certify their equipment inventory within the new Biennial Inventory application.  The old paper certification forms will no longer be accepted. 

All observed items must be marked as verified and all verified items must have the record updated in Banner prior to certification.  Any unfound items must be marked as such in the new application in order certify.  All unfound items must be resolved in Banner by the Pending Resolution due date.

If any unit fails to comply with the inventory certification or pending resolution deadlines, the appropriate Vice President, Vice Chancellor, or Provost to who the unit reports will be notified and asked to assist the unit in resolving the discrepancies and/or lack of compliance.   

Unit Contacts

When the Unit Contact or Unit Head changes, updates must be requested and processed through your Unit Security Contact (USC). Inaccurate contacts lists will negatively impact units receiving correspondence and reminders in a timely manner and cause errors in Biennial roles assigned.  Check your Unit Contact information here Department Property Contacts.

Biennial Inventory Dates

Extensions to the due dates below cannot be granted based on Illinois State Regulations and University Policy. Please visit Equipment Management Bulletin for temporary extensions to the biennial inventory due dates due to COVID-19 Equipment Management Bulletin

  • UIC - on-line certification due March 31
    • Pending Resolution updates completed by June 30
  • UIS - on-line certification due May 31
    • Pending Resolution updates completed by August 31
  • UIUC & Systems Offices - on-line certification due August 31
    • Pending Resolution updates completed by November 30

Biennial Inventory ITPC Project - Status Update

The new system is fully operational and ready for use as of May 2018.  UIUC units completing biennial certifications on August 31, 2018, are the first units scheduled to use the new system.  The new system will be available for all subsequent biennial certification cycles at all locations. 

Will there be training available and who should attend?

Instructor-led training courses will be scheduled at each university and campus as subsequent biennial cycles are begun.  OBFS has updated the FA105 Physical Inventory of Equipment participant training guide including creation of new job aids for the new system functionality.  Guides for how to request and use the mobile apps are also available and all these training resources are hyperlinked above.  

Will there be a charge or cost for my unit to use the system?

The system includes both a web-based system and optional mobile apps for use on both Android tablets and iPads. The systems and apps are free to all University of Illinois System’s units. However, hardware purchases to utilize the web-based system and the optional mobile apps are the responsibility of the units.

Additional Unit Info available online

All university units can and should review their scheduled biennial cycle timeframes, along with their listed Unit Property Accounting Contact and Department Head for accuracy.  Please review the "Department Property Contacts" spreadsheet located under the Helpful Documents section at Equipment Management - OBFS.  

Mobile Application Access and Support

Please Note* - Unit Contacts must load unit inventory lists in the Biennial Inventory web system before attempting to use the mobile application. 

Go to the FA105 training guide to learn how to load your inventory lists. 

Please visit to install the biennial inventory app for your device (iPad or Android Tablet) and follow the installation instructions.

Mobile Application Training Materials


Mobile Application & Minimum Hardware Requirements *

* - Tablets and iPads used must be University owned.

Android Tablets

Item       Minimum Requirements

Operating System Android version 5.0 (Lollipop)

Screen size 7"

Bluetooth Required for optional Bluetooth barcode scanner

Make/Model Personal preference


Item       Minimum Requirements

Operating System iOS 10 or greater

Screen Size 9"

Make/Model Any iPad model updated to iOS 10

Optional Bluetooth scanners (the iPad/tablet camera can also scan barcodes)

​Item       Minimum Requirements

​Operating System Must support either Android 5.0 or iOS 10

Modes Must support HID (Human interface device) mode

Make/Model Personal preference 



For more information, please contact Jeff Weaver at

Last Updated: July 31, 2018

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