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Equipment Management

Equipment Management Bulletin

Biennial Inventory 2020 and 2021 Cycles Due Dates Finalized

The University has established new due dates for the previously extended 2020 and 2021 equipment Biennial inventories. New due dates for all 2020 and 2021 cycles now are as follows:

  • Certification due date is now September 30, 2021
  • Pending Resolution due date is now December 31, 2021

**We have a new method of allowing users to install the Biennial Inventory application on their mobile devices.

Please visit to install the biennial inventory app for your device (iPad or Android tablet) and follow the installation instructions.

Property Accounting Staff Update

On May 28, 2021, Marti Conrad, the Assistant Director has left the University. Clara Hwang, 217-300-6328, has filled the Assistant Director position. Please visit Equipment Management Who To Ask pages for updated task reassignments.

Transferred Equipment Entity Use Review Project

Property Accounting has sent out all the emails to units for the annual Transferred Equipment Entity Use Review project. Units who have self-supporting funds and have had equipment transferred into their unit during the year will receive an email. The emails have been sent to the Unit Contact and Financial Manager. We are asking units to review the equipment for proper entity code assignment and return the completed spreadsheet by May 21st  to Clara Hwang. If the equipment is currently being used in one of your self-supporting activities, then the corresponding entity code needs to be assigned. If the equipment is not used in a self-supporting activity, then no entity code is needed.

Please refer to the following Policy that explains why entity codes are important and necessary: 12.2.4 Maintain Entity Codes for Self-Supporting Activities. In addition, refer to pages 4-6 in the Introduction to Self-Supporting Funds participant guide for more information on each type of entity code.

Important Reminders


  • Determining the Value of Equipment: To value equipment, not only is the purchase price of the equipment itself included, but all ancillary charges necessary to place the asset into its intended location and condition for use need to be included. These costs include things like shipping, installation, transit insurance, testing, professional fees, site preparation costs and trade-in-allowance. If any of these charges are on an invoice with multiple items, use the prorated amount based on the total invoice amount minus the ancillary charges, do not include charges such as finance fees or maintenance. Also refer to: 12.1.3 Determine the Value of Equipment or Property. Please see your New Acquisitions Processor for any questions.
  • Journal Voucher FOATEXT should always include a purchase document reference such as an invoice, PCARD log or purchase order.
  • If a purchase shows up in your FABweb under the $1,000 equipment threshold, please do not submit the asset in FABweb. Email your New Acquisitions Contact in Property Accounting to assist in removing the OTAG from FABweb. Please refer to the Department Property Contacts on our Equipment Management website to find your unit’s New Acquisitions Contact. 
  • Granting access to FABweb and the Biennial Inventory system is no longer done by Property Accounting. FABweb access is now requested by your Unit Security Contact (USC) through the Security Application (Sec App). For more information on role assignments and requesting access, please refer to: Requesting FABweb Access. The Sec App will not allow USCs to set up roles that are incompatible. Please refer to the following website to see what roles are incompatible and what role combination are allowed: Internal Controls: Short Term Implementation website. You can find your USC here: Find my Unit Security Contact (USC). AITS is currently working on a FAQ for USC's that specifically addresses questions related to FABweb and Biennial roles that will be posted to the USC Website.
  • Equipment Loan to Faculty, Staff or Students. The policy and procedure for loaning equipment to faculty, staff or students has been updated to allow more flexibility for units to loan equipment during the remote work situation. For details please see the policy 12.3.7 Loan Equipment to Faculty, Staff, or Students Employees.

Last Updated: June 25, 2021

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