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Equipment Management


The official University of Illinois System property records are maintained in Banner Fixed Asset. However, units use FABweb to maintain their equipment records.

Units must use FABweb to:

  • Process a New Acquisition in FABweb
  • Add Donated, Found, and Other Non-Cash Addition Equipment to FABweb
  • Update an Existing Asset in FABweb
  • Transfer Equipment to Another Unit
  • Dispose of Unneeded Equipment

FABweb Access

To obtain access, go to the FABweb/Biennial Inventory application and try to log on. If you do not have authorization, the Request Authorization page will display with instructions to contact your Unit Security Contact (USC).

Training Resources

Attend FABweb training if you are responsible for updating equipment records.

Biennial Inventory Mobile Apps

To request access to the mobile Biennial apps and for Biennial troubleshooting or suggestions, please send email to

Last Updated: July 19, 2018

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