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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

12.2.3 Comply with Unit Head Property Custodial Responsibilities

Policy Statement

The University of Illinois System is subject to and complies with the Illinois State Property Control Act (30 ILCS 605). Under this act, all system property, regardless of funding source, is considered State-owned and subject to the regulations of the Department of Central Management Services. Units may not use the system funds to purchase items for personal use or ownership. No one may use any system property for any personal purpose.

Units do not have legal title to the property assigned to them for their use. Other units may use the property at the same time and for other purposes, as long as their use does not impede the original unit's activities.

Unit heads are responsible for all equipment owned or assigned to their unit.


To comply with unit head property custodial responsibilities:

  • When the FABweb Unit Rep, FABweb Approver, Biennial Unit Contact or Biennial Unit Head assignments within the unit change, contact changes, updates to these roles in the FABweb/Biennial Inventory application must be requested and processed through your Unit Security Contact (USC).
  • Although unit heads may delegate, they must ensure these tasks are performed:
    • Maintain adequate measures for the security of all equipment assigned to their units (whether or not recorded on inventory records and whether on or off-campus). The system insures buildings only. For insurance on your building contents, see 6.4.2 Insure Equipment and/or Building Contents.
    • Keep property records in Banner Fixed Assets up to date and label all moveable items as belonging to the University of Illinois System/State of Illinois. If the unit relies on a record-keeping system other than Banner Fixed Asset, reconcile the parallel system to Banner Fixed Assets at least monthly. For self-supporting operations this includes ensuring that entity codes are up to date.
    • Complete physical inventories at least biennially.
    • Ensure that faculty, staff, and students know that equipment acquired for a specific individual's use remains Usystem-owned property even if the individual's position is terminated.
  • Develop a process to alert the unit property accounting contact about:
    • New equipment purchases
    • Changes to equipment location, custodian, condition, etc.
    • Anticipated transfers
    • Disposals
  • Dispose of unneeded equipment according to policy. Ensure that it is not stolen nor used for personal purposes or gain.
  • Approve, document, and maintain the appropriate records for loans of system equipment to employees, students, or other institutions.
  • Approve, document, and maintain the appropriate records for transfers or changes in custodianship.

Forms Used in this Procedure

Entity Code Change Request

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Illinois State Property Control Act (30 ILCS 605)
For guidelines on safeguarding unit equipment, consult your university police:
Entity Codes - Accounting Entities for Self-Supporting Fund-Defined by Banner Fund Code Hierarchy in GL 105: Introduction to Self-Supporting Funds Training Guide

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