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Card Services

Department Card Managers (DCM)

All units participating in the University of Illinois System card programs must have a Department Card Manager (DCM) assigned to manage the programs. DCM responsibilities are outlined in Business and Financial Policy and procedures (BFPP) Section 7.6, The University P-Card and Section 15, Travel. The DCM is responsible for managing the Purchasing Card (P-Card) and Travel Card (T-Card) programs for the assigned unit(s). In order to assign an employee as a DCM or for a DCM to assign a Delegate, the following must be completed:

  • Department Head must send UPAY Card Services an email to authorizing the assignment or delegation and include the employee name, UIN, chart/org code(s) to manage
  • DCM Certification Track Training (DCM Basics Course and CAS Certification Course)

The DCM is responsible for supervising, administering and monitoring the card programs for assigned business unit(s), including but not limited to:

  • Auditing transactions and addressing non-compliant card activity
  • Verifying signatures and approval authority level(s) on the P-Card and T-Card Authorizations/Agreement and Application Information forms and the P-Card and T-Card Exception Request forms, before each is submitted to UPAY Card Services for processing
  • Submitting the electronic applications for the P-Card and T-Card to UPAY Card Services using the P-Card Web Solution (P-Card Software) or T-Card Solution (TCS)
  • Using TCS or P-Card Software to submit modifications to existing Cardholder profiles and limits
  • Notifying UPAY Card Services, collecting cards, and ensuring outstanding transactions are reconciled for employees who:
    • Leave their unit or the University 
    • No longer need a card


Last Updated: April 15, 2019

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