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Card Services

Department Card Managers (DCM)

All units participating in the University of Illinois System card programs must have a Department Card Manager (DCM) assigned to manage the programs. DCM responsibilities are outlined in Business and Financial Policy and procedures (BFPP) Section 7.6, The University P-Card and Section 15, Travel.. The DCM is responsible for managing the Purchasing Card (P-Card) and Travel Card (T-Card) programs for the assigned unit(s). In order to assign an employee as a DCM or for a DCM to assign a Delegate, the following must be completed:

The DCM is responsible for supervising, administering and monitoring the card programs for assigned business unit(s), including but not limited to:

  • Auditing transactions and addressing non-compliant card activity
  • Verifying signatures and approval authority level(s) on the P-Card and T-Card Authorizations/Agreement and Application Information forms and the P-Card and T-Card Exception Request forms, before each is submitted to UPAY Card Services for processing
  • Submitting the electronic applications for the P-Card and T-Card to UPAY Card Services using the P-Card Web Solution (P-Card Software) or T-Card Solution (TCS)
  • Using TCS or P-Card Software to submit modifications to existing Cardholder profiles and limits
  • Notifying UPAY Card Services, collecting cards, and ensuring outstanding transactions are reconciled for employees who:
    • Leave their unit or the University 
    • No longer need a card

    Last Updated: April 15, 2019

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