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Card Services

TCard Roles and Responsibilities

Chrome River

The University uses Chrome River to manage all TCard transactions.  All units using the TCard to make purchases must designate specific employee(s) to function in the following roles:

  • Department Card Manager (DCM)
  • Cardholder

Department Head

  • Provides budgetary and compliance oversight for the department's TCard program and follows sound business practices
  • Identifies department employees who will be issued a TCard
  • Assigns TCard roles within the department
  • Reviews and reconciles monthly financial reports and statements

Department Card Manager (DCM)


  • Supervises, administers and monitors the TCard program for assigned business unit(s), under the direction of the Department Head
  • Sets dollar limits for Cardholders, based upon review of actual purchasing needs and responsibilities as follows:
    • Dollar limit per transaction (maximum $4,999)
    • Dollar limit in a monthly cycle (maximum $25,000)
  • Verifies and ensures all TCard transactions are reconciled/processed in Chrome River to post to Banner in a timely manner, including transactions for employees who leave the University or change home unit
  • Also serves as the department's PCard DCM


  • Requests new cards as needed
  • Requests changes to existing Cardholder profiles through UPAY Card Services and ensures that:
    • Every Travel Card Authorization/Agreement and Application form is completed and signed by the applicant and the Department Head
    • Applicants successfully complete the TCard training and certification quiz
  • Retains original applications within the department and sends copies electronically to UPAY Card Services
  • Collects TCards and follows related procedures for termination of TCard privileges for employees who:
    • Leave their department or University
    • No longer need a TCard
    • Have engaged in non-compliant use of the TCard
  • Ensures that all pending transactions for terminated employees are processed
  • Notifies UPAY Card Services of employee departures or organizational changes
  • Ensures that Cardholders perform their duties accurately and on time
  • Verifies signatures and approval authority level(s) on the TCard Authorization/Agreement and Application form, and the T-card Exception Request form, before they are submitted to UPAY Card Services for processing.



  • Purchases qualified University travel-related expenses and business meals
  • Performs all required functions in Chrome River


  • Makes qualified University related travel and business meal purchases in compliance with all rules, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines that govern the University
  • Makes travel related purchases at the lowest available rate
  • Makes all car rental arrangements with University contracted providers listed on the OBFS website (Car Rental) where available
  • Obtains an original detailed receipt for each purchase, which includes the vendor's name, date, dollar amount and an itemized description of the purchase
  • Documents all TCard purchases in Chrome River within 25 calendar days
  • Load the receipts for all TCard transactions into Chrome River
  • Load all documents related to a TCard purchase, (e.g., exception approvals obtained for restricted or prohibited purchases) into Chrome River
  • Ensures credit transactions are applied to the same TCard account used for the original purchase
  • Ensures all original receipts and related documents are retained in alignment with departmental policies or for one-plus-current year, which-ever is greater.
  • Maintains a valid US Postal Service (USPS) mailing address, University phone number and email address
  • Refrains from loaning or sharing the TCard, even with employees in the same department
  • Notifies the Bank, the DCM and UPAY Card Services if the TCard is lost or stolen, to eliminate liability for any charges incurred as a result of the loss or theft
  • Ensures purchases comply with any funding restrictions applicable to the accounting C-FOAPAL, including restrictions outlined for grants and contracts funds and gift and endowment income funds (OBFS Policies and Procedures Manual, 8.1.1 Business Meals, Refreshments, and Alcohol; 15 Travel)
  • Understands and complies with the lists of prohibited and restricted purchases
  • Abstain from "stringing," or making successive purchases to circumvent the TCard single transaction limit, or to avoid the competitive bid requirement. TCard will be revoked and account canceled after first incidence of "stringing" is determined.

Last Updated: April 21, 2022

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