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How To Request A Travel Card (T-Card)

The Department Head identifies employees who will be issued a T-Card. In order for the UPAY Card Services staff to efficiently provide quick turn-around in the T-Card issuance process the following tasks must be completed:

1. The U of I System T-Card Authorization/Agreement and Application Information Form

The T-Card Authorization/Agreement and Application Information form is completed by the applicant and Department Card Manager (DCM). It must be signed by the applicant and the Department Head. The DCM emails the completed form to UPAY Card Services at The DCM retains the original, signed form while the employee has an active T-Card and for three years after the card has been cancelled.

2. T-Card Certification Course

The T-Card program policy requires T-Card training for all employees requesting a card. The applicant should watch the Self-Paced Course Video Tutorial before accessing and completing the T-Card Certification Course and the assessment.

3. Electronic T-Card Application

The DCM or authorized DCM Delegate generates an electronic T-Card application in the T-Card Solution (TCS) software. Using TCS to request a card verifies that the application is for an active system employee. The DCM ensures actions #1 and #2 are completed before proceeding to enter the application in the TCS. An electronic application entered in TCS before task #1 and #2 are done is considered incomplete and cannot be processed.

The job aid Department Card Manager: Request a T-Card contains instructions to create and submit the application in TCS. DCMs may contact UPAY Card Services for assistance if they are unable to generate a card request in the system.

4. UPAY Card Services Process

UPAY Card Services accepts the email and electronic T-Card applications and confirms the training requirement is done. The card request is submitted to the Bank and the T-Card is mailed directly to the applicant at the system office address provided on the Application Information form.

Last Updated: November 8, 2018

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