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iTravel Resource Page

iTravel Resource Page

Full-Service Travel Agency

The System has contracted with Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP) to provide a robust online travel booking tool and full-service travel agency for all University business travel. CTP is one of the top travel management companies in the industry. Employees have the option of working directly with an experienced travel agent or accessing iTravel which is backed by the software that powers the industry's most comprehensive and innovative online corporate travel booking tool. In addition, departments may book a single group trip which exceeds the bid limit, currently $100,000.00, without a competitive bid or Request for Proposal (RFP).

iTravel Online Booking Tool

iTravel was integrated with the University’s single sign-on authentication process so employees may access the system with their Net ID and password. Employees may assign travel arrangers, add frequent traveler program numbers, seat preferences, passport information, etc., to their individual profile. This information will automatically populate into reservations booked online and will assist CTP agents in providing better service to system travelers.

CTP's Agency Service Fees can be reviewed here.

Job Aids

Benefits of iTravel and Collegiate Travel Planners

System Contracted Travel Agency:

  1. Provides one-stop travel shopping and easy access to system travel policies including allowable lodging maximums.
  2. Provides easy access to discounts offered by:
  3. Provides agent assistance with "waivers and favors" to include clearing of special seats, often at no cost, voiding non-refundable tickets within 24 hours of issuance, and frequent flier upgrades.
  4. Provides access to over 80,000 discounted hotel rooms negotiated by CTP. Many include either Wi-Fi or breakfast.
  5. Maintains profiles for individual travelers listing the traveler's preferences for seats, hotel and car rental, and frequent travel program numbers.
  6. Continually monitors traveler itineraries for rate reductions on purchased airfare and reserved hotel rooms. Will reissue an airline ticket with department approval and store the airline credit voucher in the employee's profile for future use. Will rebook hotel room reservation at lower rate.
  7. Tracks unused airline tickets, automatically updates traveler profiles with the unused ticket information and alerts travelers of the unused ticket(s) when making future airline reservations.
  8. Takes every reasonable step to transfer unused non-refundable tickets issued to non-system employees into airline vouchers for the system.
  9. Informs travelers of visa, passport and health requirements for international travel and provides application forms or assistance as needed. In emergency situations, assistance will also be provided to obtain a new or renewal passport.
  10. Provides travelers with a 24 hour, worldwide emergency reservation system that assists with protection against airline cancellations, hotel overbooking, and in emergency situations such as illness, security threats, thefts, etc.

Cancelling Trips / Redeeming Unused Airline Tickets

When an employee purchases an airline ticket for business travel from Collegiate Travel Planners and the trip has to be cancelled, please cancel the reservation prior to departure. If the reservation is cancelled prior to departure and the purchased airline ticket is non-refundable, it will be held in the employee's profile and can be applied as a credit for future business travel. If the airline ticket is refundable, a credit will be applied to the card used to purchase the ticket.

Last Updated: February 9, 2023

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