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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

15.2.3 Comply with Unit Head T-Card Responsibilities

Policy Statement

Units have the primary responsibility for managing how staff members use T-Cards and maintaining compliance with all record retention, state and federal laws, and University of Illinois System policies.

See T-Card Services Offered by University Payables Card Services and T-Card Roles and Responsibilities for information on consulting services available from the University Payables (UPAY) Card Services.


To comply with Unit Head T-Card responsibilities:

  • Provide budgetary and compliance oversight for your unit's T-Card program.
  • Implement unit T-Card procedures that follow sound business practices.
  • Establish internal controls to approve travel and business meals purchased using the T-Card.
  • Identify unit employees who will be issued T-Cards.
  • Assign T-Card roles within the unit.
  • Review and reconcile monthly financial reports and statements.
  • Oversee the Chrome River reconciliation and approval processes for T-Card transactions.
  • Seek reimbursement for any expenditures that are not allowable or exceed the allowable amount. Non-reimbursable charges placed on a T-Card should be repaid to the University via a deposit to the University Bursar’s Office, and payroll deduction may be initiated if deemed necessary.
  • Consult and follow the procedures in Inappropriate T-Card Use.

Inappropriate T-Card Use
T-Card Services Offered by University Payables Card Services
T-Card Roles and Responsibilities
Chrome River Resource Page

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