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Serve as a Department Card Manager (DCM)

Before You Begin

Department Card Managers (DCM) are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Travel Card (T-Card) program within their assigned business unit. DCMs are also responsible for complying with all related record retention, state and federal laws, and University policies.

All units participating in the T-Card program must have a DCM appointed by the Unit Head. This person serves as DCM for both the Purchasing Card (P-Card) and T-Card. All DCMs and their delegates must complete the Department Card Manager/DCM Delegate Training, the web-based T-Card Training and pass the certification quiz before they can assume DCM duties.


To serve as a DCM, you are responsible for:

  • Supervising, administering, and monitoring the T-Card activity of the business unit(s) assigned to you.
  • Ensuring that all T-Card transactions are processed and submitted in the Travel Expense Management system (TEM).
  • Processing new T-Card applications.
  • Ensuring that applicants complete the required training and pass the certification quiz.
  • Validate that the T-Card Authorization Agreement and Application Information Form and T-Card Exception Request form are:
    • Completed with appropriate authority level(s) signatures
    • Retained within the unit
    • Emailed to UPAY Card Services
  • Requesting changes to existing Cardholder profiles using T-Card Solution (TCS) software.
  • Collecting T-Cards, following related procedures for cancellation of T-Card privileges and ensuring outstanding T-card transactions in TEM are processed and submitted for employees who:
    • Leave their unit or the University
    • No longer need a T-Card
    • Engage in excessive noncompliant use of the T-Card in accordance with the Inappropriate T-Card Use section of this policy
  • Notifying UPAY Card Services of employee departures or changes in home unit.
  • Ensures that all T-Card transactions are processed and submitted in TEM for employees who leave the University or change home unit.
  • Suspending T-Cards for employees on temporary leaves of absence, including but not limited to, maternity, medical or sabbatical.
  • Coordinate with UPAY Card Services to facilitate reimbursements to the University in accordance to signed T-Card Authorization Agreement Form.

UPAY Card Services offers various consulting services to assist DCMs. Refer to T-Card Services Offered by University Payables Card Services and T-Card Roles and Responsibilities for additional information.

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