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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

15.2.2 Serve as a Department Card Manager (DCM)

Policy Statement

Department Card Managers (DCM) are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Travel Card (T-Card) program within their assigned business unit. DCMs are also responsible for complying with all related record retention, state and federal laws, and University of Illinois System policies.

All units participating in the T-Card program must have a DCM appointed by the Unit Head. This person serves as DCM for both the Purchasing Card (P-Card) and T-Card. All DCMs and their delegates must complete the Department Card Manager/DCM Delegate Training, the T-Card Certification Course and pass the assessment before they can assume DCM duties.


To serve as a DCM, you are responsible for:

  • Supervising, administering, and monitoring the T-Card activity of the business unit(s) assigned to you.
  • Ensuring that all T-Card transactions are processed and submitted in Chrome River.
  • Processing new T-Card applications.
  • Ensuring that applicants complete the required training and pass the certification quiz.
  • Validate that the T-Card Authorization Agreement and Application Information Form and T-Card Exception Request form are:
    • Completed with appropriate authority level(s) signatures
    • Retained within the unit
    • Emailed to UPAY Card Services
  • Requesting changes to existing Cardholder profiles using T-Card Solution (TCS) software.
  • Collecting T-Cards, following related procedures for cancellation of T-Card privileges and ensuring outstanding T-card transactions in Chrome River are processed and submitted for employees who:
    • Leave their unit or the system
    • No longer need a T-Card
    • Engage in excessive noncompliant use of the T-Card in accordance with the Inappropriate T-Card Use section of this policy
  • Notifying UPAY Card Services of employee departures or changes in home unit.
  • Ensures that all T-Card transactions are processed and submitted in Chrome River for employees who leave the system or change home unit.
  • Suspending T-Cards for employees on temporary leaves of absence, including but not limited to, maternity, medical or sabbatical.
  • Coordinate with UPAY Card Services to facilitate reimbursements to the system in accordance to signed T-Card Authorization Agreement Form.

UPAY Card Services offers various consulting services to assist DCMs. Refer to T-Card Services Offered by University Payables Card Services and T-Card Roles and Responsibilities for additional information.

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