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Payments to Foreign Nationals

Foreign National Payments Resource Page

Job aids, infographics, and online courses are available to assist you in making a non-wage payment to a foreign national nonresident alien.

These resources are organized by the basic steps followed when submitting a payment request.

Note: Some of these courses use Adobe Flash. If you have trouble viewing any of these courses, please try another browser or enable Adobe Flash in your browser settings. The courses are being updated to correct this issue.

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Web-Based Courses

These online courses explain how to use the available resources to correctly submit payment requests for foreign nationals.


Step 1: Identify or Verify the Payment Type

Make sure you know what kind of foreign national payment you need to make.


Step 2: Check Payment Eligibility

Make sure the person you want to pay has an eligible visa status.

Step 3: Gather Required Forms and Documentation

Make sure you include all the forms and documents required for the visa status

Step 4: Submit the Payment Request

Follow step-by-step instructions to submit a payment request for each payment type.

Resources by Payment Types

Awards and Prizes
Expense Reimbursements
Human Subject Payments
Independent Contractor
Job Aids

Other Payments


Last updated: March 3, 2020

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