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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures



The Board of Trustees authorizes the Vice President/Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller to establish policies and procedures for managing travel policies and related matters.

The University Comptroller has delegated to the Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance the authority to formulate and to publish policies and procedures required to meet Illinois Higher Education Travel Control Board (IHETCB) requirements regarding travel on behalf of the University and related matters.

The Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance (SAVP) has designated the Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance to oversee University travel operations and represent the University of Illinois as a member of the IHETCB Board.

Unit heads or their delegates are responsible to approve travel and verify the unit has funds available. University Payables reviews and approves all travel expenses.

Employees are personally responsible for ensuring that their travel arrangements meet travel regulations and that their claims for reimbursement are accurate. Improper or inadequately supported travel claims cannot be paid until the correct documentation is submitted.

Travel Card (T-Card)

The State Comptroller's office sets standards for charge card programs.

As designated by the OBFS Senior Associate Vice President (SAVP), the Senior Director of University Payables (UPAY), and the Associate Director of Support Services, the UPAY Assistant Director of Support Services acts as University-wide Card Administrator:

  • Develop the management plan, policies, and procedures to support the functions of UPAY Card Services operations.
  • Confer with the OBFS Purchasing divisions during the administrative decision-making process for procurement and payment issues.
  • Be responsible for day-to-day-operations of UPAY Card Services.

Unit Heads are responsible for identifying cardholders, appointing a Department Card Manager (DCM), facilitating compliance, and oversight of T-Card use in their units. In addition, they are responsible for fiscal control of all travel charges.

Employees involved in T-Card transactions are responsible for knowing and complying with all University policies and procedures related to possession of a T-Card. T-Card Roles and Responsibilities.

University Vehicles

The President has delegated authority for decisions regarding appropriate use of University motor vehicles to the Comptroller and/or Chancellors. The Comptroller and Chancellors have further delegated authority to the Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance and the Chancellors' representatives.

The Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance or Chancellors' representatives may be petitioned to modify policy on vehicle use, and, in consultation with other University and campus administrators, make decisions regarding authorized use within established guidelines or additions/deletions to the list of approved uses.

Unit heads are not allowed, under any circumstances, to authorize the use of University motor vehicles outside of the scope of authorized use.

Drivers of University vehicles must regard vehicle accidents with the same sense of responsibility as if the accident involved their own vehicle.

Last Updated: May 25, 2018 | Approved: Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance | Effective: September 2012

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