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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

15.4.1 Rent a University Motor Pool Vehicle

Policy Statement

University motor pools (Urbana-Car Pool, Chicago-Campus Auto Rental Service, Springfield-Motor Pool) are the custodians of University of Illinois System vehicles, except for vehicles owned by a unit where there is no agreement in place for a university motor pool to serve as the custodian.

Vehicles may be assigned to an employee for a specific trip, or to a university unit. Units are charged by mileage and/or time for use of the vehicle. The rate charged is based on the actual operating, maintenance, and depreciation costs incurred by the university motor pool.


To rent a system motor pool vehicle:

  1. Obtain permission from the unit head. Confirm funding is available for the motor pool vehicle rental charges.
  2. Consult 15.4.2 Become Eligible to Drive a University Motor Vehicle to ensure the driver is eligible. If the driver is not eligible, they will be denied use of the vehicle.
  3. Consult 15.4.5 Determine When to Use Commercially Insured University Motor Pool Vehicles to address whether State of Illinois Self-Insured Motor Vehicle Liability Plan will cover the vehicle’s use, and, if it will not, a commercially-insured vehicle should be used.
  4. Complete and submit the Car Release Order form to request a vehicle. Have any alternate driver complete and submit the Car Release Order - Alternate Drivers form.
  5. Pick up the vehicle at the applicable university motor pool office. A valid driver's license must be presented by the primary driver when picking up the vehicle. Any alternate driver must also present a valid driver's license.
  6. Once the car is in use, if the rental period needs to be extended, approval must be obtained from the applicable unit head. The unit must notify the applicable university motor pool to request the approved extension.
  7. Return the vehicle at the time and place specified on the Car Release Order form.
  8. If the vehicle is kept longer than the initial rental period and the applicable university motor pool is not notified, the unit may be subject to an additional charge. Unauthorized extensions may be considered theft.

Vehicle Reservation Requests:

Urbana-Champaign: Use the Facilities and Services portal for all vehicle requests and approvals. Contact the Car Pool at 217-333-3910 for information about portal access.

Chicago: Call the CARS Reservation Office at (312) 996-2886 (6-AUTO) to reserve a vehicle.

Springfield: Contact Facilities and Services Motor Pool at (217) 206-6531.

Forms Used in this Procedure

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