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Accounting & Financial Reporting Forms


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For requests to edit/update/terminate existing FOAPAL Segments or Index Codes, please submit an email request containing the applicable chart and code numbers to be updated, along with details of the changes you would like made, to


Banner Fund, Program, Index Code Request Form [updated: 11/9/17]

Banner Fund, Program, Index Code Request Form-Example of a Self-Supporting Fund Request [updated: 11/9/17]
Request to Create a Foundation Gift Fund
O Banner Organization Code Request Form [updated: 2/21/18]
A Banner Account Code Request Form [updated: 12/19/17]
P Program Code (see Banner Fund, Program, Index Code Request Form above)
A Banner Activity Code Request Form [updated: 12/19/17]
L Banner Location Code Request Form [updated: 12/15/14]

Fact Sheet Requirements

All Campuses

FY17 Year End Fact Sheet application will be opened July 1st, 2017 7:00AM

Fact Sheet Job Aids

The Year End Fact Sheet submission process is available to departments. This method is the only accepted method for Year End Fact Sheets. Webinars will be scheduled to assist departments with the application and information requirements. Watch for announcements through OBFS News or return to this page for future Electronic Fact Sheet webinars dates. Those dates are typically late June and early July.

Merchant Card Services Enrollment Request

All Campuses

Non-Monetary Exchange Transaction Form

All Campuses

Business Plan For Deficit Accounts

Property Accounting

Please see Equipment Management & Surplus Forms for property accounting forms.

Registered Organization Voucher

All Campuses

Sales and Use Tax Collection 

Stores/Services Voucher

All Campuses

Study Abroad Exchange Agreements - Annual Report 

Anticipated Incoming Wire Transfers

All Campuses

  • Anticipated Incoming Wire Transfer Form [posted: 12/17/13] - Complete and submit this form to notify UAFR of any incoming wire transfers or ACHs your unit is expecting, which will help UAFR identify and record the wire transfer/ACH to the correct C-FOAP.

Last Updated:February 21, 2018

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