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Vendor Payment Forms

Vendor Payment Forms

Vendor Information Forms

Vendor Electronic Payment Requests

  • If a Vendor requests electronic payments (ACH/ePay), please have them contact Vendor Maintenance directly for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about ePayables

Frequently Asked Questions about ACH

Other Forms

Contact Information

Payment Action Request

Use this form to cancel (void) or replace a check or to inquire on the status of a check or direct deposit (ACH) payment.

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Purchase Order/Encumbrance Special Payment Request

Use this form to:

  • Initiate prepayment or down-payment on purchase orders as part of the negotiated terms and pricing submitted by Purchasing
  • Request original paperwork for purchase order/encumbrance payments be mailed to the vendor with the check
  • Request a department or other authorized person to call for pick-up of the check for purchase order/encumbrance payments
  • Request a recurring payment setup for repetitively scheduled purchase order/encumbrance payments such as rents, leases, or janitorial payments

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General Encumbrance/Wire Transfer Payment Request

The Travel and Expense Management (TEM) system may not be used to:

  • Request payment on General Encumbrances
  • Request payment by Wire Transfer (EFT)

To request payment on General Encumbrances use the Request a General Encumbrance/Wire Transfer Payment Form.

To request payment by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), also known as Wire Transfer, use the Request a General Encumbrance/Wire Transfer Payment Form and the Electronic Fund Transfer Form.

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Last Updated: November 10, 2022



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