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Vendor Payment Forms

Vendor Setup and Update 

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Payment Action Request

Use this form to cancel (void) or replace a check or to inquire on the status of a check or direct deposit (ACH) payment.

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Purchase Order/Encumbrance Special Payment Request

Use this form to:

  • Initiate prepayment or down-payment on purchase orders as part of the negotiated terms and pricing submitted by Purchasing
  • Request original paperwork for purchase order/encumbrance payments be mailed to the vendor with the check
  • Request a department or other authorized person to call for pick-up of the check for purchase order/encumbrance payments
  • Request a recurring payment setup for repetitively scheduled purchase order/encumbrance payments such as rents, leases, or janitorial payments

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General Encumbrance/Wire Transfer Payment Request

The Travel and Expense Management (TEM) system may not be used to:

  • Request payment on General Encumbrances
  • Request payment by Wire Transfer (EFT)

To request payment on General Encumbrances use the Request a General Encumbrance/Wire Transfer Payment Form.

To request payment by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), also known as Wire Transfer, use the Request a General Encumbrance/Wire Transfer Payment Form and the Electronic Fund Transfer Form.

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Last Updated: May 6, 2020



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