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University Payroll & Benefits Service handles functional payroll and benefits questions for all universities including department time entry, web time entry, timesheet errors, adjustments (ANA, PZAADJT, Workflow, terminal benefit payouts, deceased employee payouts), paychecks (incorrect, missing, lost), direct deposit, deductions (garnishments, collections), foreign national treaty appointments and payment processing, one time payments (PEA1PAY), overpayments (current year, prior year, deduction recaptures), labor redistributions (PZAREDS), Payroll Labor Distribution Reports (HRPAY00103, HRPAY00104), refunds (student FICA, NRA FICA, returning retirees and UIS parking), SURS separations, State and Federal tax questions, W2 re-issues or corrections, Payroll Training courses, health/dental insurance, life insurance, AD&D, TDRP, Flexible Spending Accounts, long term care, long term disability, and retirement; questions regarding the benefit web pages in My UI Info or UI New Hire, benefits orientation, processing benefits and benefit choice changes.

To submit a question to Payroll & Benefits Customer Service, please use one of the following avenues: 

  • Create a case with our online Service Desk Manager so that your inquiry is immediately directed into our queue:
  • Email us at
  • Call Payroll & Benefits for related questions

    Visit your local University Payroll & Benefits Services office Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Other Help Desks

Help Desk Description
Academic Computer and Communications Center (UIC)
netids, email, department and personal web pages, PC and Mac Public computing labs, dial in access, Res-Net, network access, wireless, Windows and Novell LAN support, antivirus software, university site-licensed software, instructional support, multimedia classroom computer support, FaCT program, backup service, calendaring, server services, statistical support, workshops, computer lab reservations, micro computer service calls and repairs.
Technology Services 
Technology Services (UIUC)
university email, NetID password changes, file storage, dialup networking, viruses, and university site-licensed software.
Campus Technology Services (UIS)
university email, NetID password changes, file storage, dialup networking, viruses, and university site-licensed software.
UIC - 312-996-4806
UIUC - 217-333-3102
Administrative Information Technology Services (UIUC/UIC)
UI-Integrate (Banner), EDDIE, ILCSO, MarkView, Voyager, Core Apps, EnterpriseID, Darwin, mainframe, desktop computers, LAN, administrative proprietary applications, password resets, and network communications.
UIC - 312-413-4848
UIUC (Academic) - 217-333-6747 
UIUC (Staff) - 217-333-2137 
UIS - 217-206-6652
Choose According to a Specific Campus -
Functional questions about Human Resources including appointment processing, civil service applicant processing, leave, shared benefits, employment verification, employee records, labor and employee relations, training, human resources policies, and compensation; questions regarding the Human Resources web pages in My UI Info, UI New Hire, DART, or the Human Resources public web sites.
Decision Support
All campuses
Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), EDDIE issues, Business Objects, InfoView, WebIntelligence, 5i/ZABO, access and training.

Last Updated: July 23, 2018

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