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Payroll Deductions

My UI Info is the primary method for entering and changing most deduction information; however, there are certain payroll deduction transactions that cannot be accomplished through the Self-Service Application and must be entered into Banner directly by Payroll staff.

Illinois State Offset Deductions

If an individual has owed money to any state agency for more than 90 days, that agency sends the name to the Illinois State Comptroller's Office. That office maintains records of all such debts in an electronic file. University Payroll's system accesses that file each week looking for a match with University employees. If a match is found, a deduction code of IS1 is activated and 25% of disposable pay (gross pay minus legally required deductions) is automatically deducted from that employee's pay. This deduction will be listed on an employee's earnings statement as 'IL State Offset - Accts R'. If the employee owes for past due child support an additional deduction code of IS2 will be activated. The IS2 deduction is only deducted on final terminal benefits pay. This deduction will be listed on an employee's earnings statement as 'IL State Offset - Lump/Term'. If either deduction (IS1 or IS2) is active when an employee receives their final terminal benefits pay the University is required to deduct and send the entire balance of the amount due to the State Comptroller. These deductions are mandated by State Comptroller Act [15 ILCS 405/10.05 and 405/1005a] and Illinois Administrative Code 285.1104. University Payroll does not have additional information about the original debt. For information regarding the debt, the employee must contact the Illinois State Comptroller's Office at 217-785-2463 or 217-782-7525.

Last Updated: November 29, 2012

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