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Card Services

T-Card Solution (TCS)

The T-Card Solution (TCS) system is a web-based system used only by Department Card Managers (DCMs) and their authorized delegate(s) to administer the T-Card program for their assigned units.

Information about Travel Cards (T-Card) within a unit can be accessed by logging into T-Card Solution. The DCM is able to perform the following tasks using this system:

  • Generate new card application
  • Edit Cardholder profile
  • Request card modifications
  • Request to suspend or cancel card
  • Print T-Card Authorization/Agreement and Application Form
  • View a list of Cardholders
  • Perform Delegations session

DCMs and their authorized delegate(s) are strongly encouraged to view the T-Card Solution (TCS) system webinar and complete the TCS Certification Quiz before using the system.  DCMs and their authorized delegate(s) will be given access to the TCS after UPAY Card Services verifies completion of the DCM requirements.

Note: TCS does not provide access to Cardholder transactions information.  Cardholders must assign the DCM as a Creator Proxy in the Travel and Expense Management (TEM) system in order to view transaction history.  The TEM system is used for reviewing, submitting and approving T-Card transactions.  DCMs can also use Decision Support Tools to generate reports on T-Card spending.

Last Updated: May 24, 2017

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