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Card Services

T-Card Solution (TCS)

The T-Card Solution (TCS) system software is a web-based system used only by Department Card Managers (DCMs) and their authorized delegate(s) to administer the T-Card program for their assigned units.

The DCM is able to perform the following tasks using this system:

  • Generate new card application
  • Edit Cardholder profile
  • Request card modifications
  • Request to suspend or cancel card
  • Print T-Card Authorization/Agreement and Application Form
  • View a list of Cardholders
  • Perform Delegations session

DCMs and their authorized delegate(s) will be given access to the TCS after UPAY Card Services verifies completion of the DCM requirements.

Note: TCS does not provide a DCM access to Cardholder transactions information. DCMs can use Decision Support Tools to generate reports on T-Card spending. A DCM can also be assigned as a Creator Proxy, by a Cardholder, in the Chrome River system in order to view transaction history. The Chrome River system is used for reviewing, submitting and approving T-Card transactions.

Last Updated: April 11, 2019

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