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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Documentation Required to Support Payments

Most requests for payment (reimbursements and non-employee or vendor payments) involve submitting supporting documentation. Your request will be processed more quickly if the documentation is correct and complete. In general, make sure that each expense has documentation to support it. Receipts are required for reimbursement of expenses more than $10.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation includes, but is not limited to, original receipts or original, itemized invoices with the vendor's name and list of items purchased. If you do not have the original receipt, include a copy of the cancelled check (front and back) or proof of the check clearing from the bank on which it was drawn or a copy of your credit card statement.

For business meals, include:

  • The business purpose of the meeting/activity (how it benefited the System) as required by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Itemized receipt or invoice detailing all food and beverage purchases.
  • The number of attendees.
  • Affiliation of attendees. Do not list by name but indicate whether they were employees or non-employees.
  • Whether alcohol was served.

For conferences that include additional activities such as meals, include copies of registration forms or related brochures that itemize those activities. For step-by-step instructions, consult the job aids Browse and Attach Receipts or Email Receipts to an Expense Report.

Consult Providing a Detailed Business Purpose/Justification for additional guidance.

Last Updated: March 9, 2020 | Approved: Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance | Effective: September 2012

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