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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

5.2.1 Obtain Access to Banner Accounts Receivable (Banner AR)

Policy Statement

Units must process all receivable transactions through Banner Accounts Receivable (Banner AR), the University of Illinois System's centralized billing system. Some units, such as health care providers, are exempt due to unique billing requirements.

You must have access to Banner before you can obtain access to Banner AR.


To obtain access to Banner Accounts Receivable:

  1. Consult the table below to determine what type of Banner access (Banner AR or EDDIE profile) your job requires. Request that access from your Unit Security Contact (USC).
    If you... You need this Banner or EDDIE profile  Because it allows you to...
    Answer customer questions AR: Staff Query account activity so you can answer customer questions
    Enter deposits or charges or query for reporting requirements AR: Information Processor
    • Query and update forms and processes needed to apply and/or reverse charges
    • Review account status and information
    • Query detail on specific detail codes
    Are a manager-level user AR: Department Accounting


    • Data input by your information Processors
    • Reports for your unit's accounting purposes
    Reconcile AR transactions to General and Operating Ledgers Finance: Distributed Financial Query User Trace AR transactions from AR to Finance ledger postings
    Access Journal Voucher tables and enter Journal Vouchers Finance: Distributed Journal Voucher User Create and enter Journal Vouchers directly into Banner
    Review receivables-related reports in Mobius View (formerly View Direct) Mobius View (formerly View Direct) Use summary AR information at the Detail Code or Category code level for tracking and analysis
    Review summary or detail AR transactions, Category Code activity, Detail Code activity and account or Detail Code agings EDDIE - Finance AR Reports
    EDW Finance Accounts Receivable
    Monitor account activity and collections. EDW allows the customization of AR Reporting data to meet specific departmental needs
    Require customized reports on AR data for specific business needs. EDW Finance Accounts Receivable Customize AR Reporting data to meet specific departmental needs
  1. OBFS approves or denies the request and notifies you and your unit security contact by email. If approved, AITS Security sets up your requested access.
  2. Review the Banner AR 103 Web-Based Training for a basic understanding of Banner AR.
  3. Email for additional or individualized training.

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