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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

5.2.3 Process (Assess) Non-Student (General-GAR) Charges in Banner AR

Policy Statement

The University of Illinois System prefers payment for goods and services at or before the point of sale. If your unit does not require payment at that point, you must have a sound business reason before extending credit. Be aware that extending credit does not guarantee you will be paid.

Units must assess all customer charges in Banner AR within 30 days after providing the good or service to the customer. If documented circumstances beyond your control prevent you from meeting the 30-day assessment deadline, email Accounts Receivable Operations (ARO) to request an exemption.

There is no minimum charge amount; however, University Bursar does not send bills when the balance is less than $5.00.


To assess non-student charges in Banner AR:

If your unit needs help creating an internal invoicing system, contact ARO for sample invoices.
Enter your unit's invoice number. If you do not enter an invoice number, Banner will automatically assign one for billing purposes. If your unit does not have an invoicing system you must still create and maintain an auditable method of documenting charges, in case a customer disputes a charge or requests a detailed explanation of a charge.
  1. Use your unit's invoicing or record keeping system to create and maintain detailed documentation of all charges you assess in Banner AR.
  2. Send a copy of your invoice or equivalent documentation to the customer.
  3. If the customer account does not exist, submit a GAR Account Creation Request form.
  4. Ensure you have a Banner C-FOAP for each type of charge you are assessing. If not, submit Banner FOAPAL Request Forms.
  5. Ensure that you have a Detail Code for each type of charge you are assessing in Banner AR. If not, submit a Detail Code Request form. If you need assistance, contact Accounts Receivable Operations (ARO) at (Banner detail codes identify each receivable transaction as a charge or payment.)
  6. Enter the charge in Banner using one of these methods:
    • Individual or small volume assessments - Banner form TFADETL
    • Same amount to more than one account - TFAMASS
    • Recurring high-volume assessments - Banner "feeder". For information about creating a feeder, contact ARO.
  7. If you used a Banner feeder to submit the charges, verify the transactions using Interface Error Reports (FIINTERFAC) in Mobius View (formerly View Direct).

Fixing Erroneous Charges

If your unit has entered an erroneous charge, you must correct the error. University Bursar does not make these corrections:

  • If your unit overcharged, post a negative charge to the account in Banner AR.
  • If your unit undercharged, post an additional charge to the account in Banner AR.

Forms Used in this Procedure

GAR Account Creation Request (single request)
GAR Account Creation Request (multiple requests)
Detail Code Request Form
Banner FOAPAL Request Forms at Accounting & Financial Reporting Forms, Banner FOAPAL

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