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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures


Employee Questions

1. How am I paid?
Your pay is electronically deposited at a financial institution. You have one month after being hired to designate your account for direct deposit. (See the Direct Deposit link on the Pay page.) If you do not, you will be issued a pay card. Consult Direct Deposit Banking for information about the pay card and a list of financial institutions that offer low or no cost banking services. You may request an exception in writing from the Executive Director of University Payroll and Benefits (UPB).

You may ask UPB to deposit part of your earnings in a second account, but only if the account is at Citizens Equity First Credit Union, Credit Union One, Heritage Credit Union, Sangamon Schools Credit Union, or U of I Employees Credit Union. To sign up, see the Direct Deposit link on the Pay page.

2. How do I get my Form W-2?
In compliance with federal Treasury regulations, UPB mails copies of Form W-2 (commonly called a W-2 Form) by January 31. Electronic W-2 forms are usually available in mid-January.

To receive your W-2 form electronically, consult Form W-2 Process. Your paper W-2 is sent to the mailing address you have entered in the My UI Info. If you have questions about your W-2, contact UPB at Chicago 312-996-7200 (Phone Number requires dialing all 10-digits), Urbana 217-265-6363, or Springfield 217-206-7144.

3. I'm leaving University employment soon. How do I get a refund on the money I've paid into the State Universities Retirement System (SURS)?
Contact SURS directly. If SURS needs additional information from the University to process your request, they will contact the University.

Unit Questions

4. We need to adjust an employee's pay for a previous pay period. May we just submit a new time sheet?
No, do not use a time sheet to adjust previous pay for non-student employees. Consult 4.3.1 Adjust an Employee's Pay (Underpayments) for additional information.

However, if the employee is a student, your unit may add hours with an adjustment hourly earn code. Indicate the pay period(s) you are adding the hours to and why in the Comments field of the timesheet. These additional hours are subject to audit each pay period. If a timesheet with adjusted hours does not have the appropriate comments, UPB requires a copy of the timesheet for the additional time submitted.

If the pay period is in a previous fiscal year, consult Fiscal-Year-End Closing and Opening Procedures.

4.3.1 Adjust an Employee's Pay (Underpayments)

Fiscal-Year-End Closing and Opening Procedures
Form W-2 Process
Pay page
My UI Info

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