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iBuy (online purchasing)

iBuy Vendors

Types of Vendors

Hosted - Hosted vendors are so classified because their catalogs are resident (hosted) within iBuy. Static lists of items and prices are loaded to the system at pre-determined intervals. This effort is coordinated among SciQuest, the vendor, and University Procurement.

Punchout - To access the items and prices of punchout vendors, iBuy users navigate from iBuy to the vendor website, where shopping occurs. When the user is done shopping, s/he clicks "checkout" on the vendor site and is returned to iBuy, where her/his selected items populate the iBuy shopping cart. Note: Punchout vendors highlighted with an asterisk (*) support e-quotes.

Internal - Vendors internal to the University of Illinois System, e.g., campus stores, can also be added to iBuy as either hosted or punchout.

e-Invoice - Catalog vendors who submit invoices electronically through the iBuy application.

iBuy Vendors

For a list of contract vendors, please refer to the Strategic Procurement - Contracts & Awards page.

Please note the iBuy vendors are highlighted in blue.

Adding Vendors

University Procurement will monitor iBuy, Banner, and P-Card to identify vendors that potentially should be added to iBuy. iBuy users are encouraged to submit ideas for additional vendors, as well. All potential vendors will be evaluated on several criteria, including:

  • volume of spend,
  • volume of transactions,
  • and the number of departments/units ordering from the vendor.

New vendors may be added as either hosted or punchout depending on the nature of their product/service, the vendors' technological sophistication, and which model better serves the University of Illinois System's needs.

To request that a new vendor be added, please follow the steps outlined in the iBuy vendor Setup section of the Payments to Vendors and Students site.

Note: A vendor must be established as an e-procurement vendor in Banner to be used in iBuy.

Last Updated: July 23, 2018

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