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iBuy (online purchasing)

iBuy Reporting

iBuy's History tab gives users the ability to search on requisitions and/or purchase orders created against their Banner Chart and Level 5 (3-digit) Organization code, e.g., Chart 9 - Organization 123.

Searches can key on:

  • requisition number
  • requisition name
  • purchase order number
  • supplier name, or
  • catalog number.

And there are multiple ways to filter search results, including date parameters and the current status of the requisition/purchase order.

Whether as public (meaning it's available to any iBuy user) or private (meaning it's only available to the user who created it), any search performed in History can be saved as a query to streamline any future use of that particular search.

Users also have the option to export the results of History searches or queries as CSV (comma separated values) files into other applications, such as Excel. This feature offers a simple, straightforward way to integrate other tools outside of iBuy in order to enhance further users' ability to track, evaluate, and report their spending.


More detailed information on reporting is provided during hands-on, instructor-led training sessions. Additionally, there are on-line tutorials, job aids, and a comprehensive reference guide, all of which cover History and reporting, available on the iBuy Training Materials page.

Last Updated: May 23, 2014

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