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iBuy 17.2 Release Functionality Changes -  7/31/2017

New Shopping Cart Management Page:

  • Often, users within large organizations have multiple carts to manage. Previously, all carts in draft state were displayed in list format on the Draft Cart screen, making it necessary to scroll through a large list to locate a cart. In 17.2, we have added a new View Carts screen. This screen organizes the view of a user's draft carts. It contains separate tabs for Draft Carts (draft carts that have not been assigned to an approver), Assigned Carts (draft carts that have been assigned to an approver) and Shared Carts (draft shared carts for which the user is part of the shared cart group). You will have the ability to filter carts on each tab. An indicator displays the tab that contains the Active cart.

iBuy  17.1 Release Upgrade - 4/10/2017

The iBuy e-procurement system was upgraded on Sunday, April 9, 2017 (iBuy Release 17.1).  There are no changes visible to the end users in this release.

iBuy 16.3 Release Upgrade - 11/14/16

The iBuy e-procurement system was upgraded on Sunday, November 13, 2016 (iBuy Release 16.3). There are a few enhancements that will be visible to end users in this release.

Main Navigation Menu Item Updates

In release 16.3, updates have been made to the way the main menu items (located along the left side of the interface) are displayed. Previously, the menu options were displayed only as icons. As of the 16.3 release, the name of the menu option displays along with the icon for users with browser resolutions set to 1440 pixels or wider. The titles of several menu options have also been changed. These changes include the following.

  • The Orders & Documents menu option has been renamed to Documents.
  • The Catalogs and Contracts menu option has been renamed to Contracts.
  • The Supplier Management menu option has been renamed to Suppliers.
  • The Site Administration menu option has been renamed to Administer.
  • The Site Configuration menu option has been renamed to Setup.

There is an icon on the bottom of the menu that allows users to hide the labels.

New Advanced Search Setting for Document Search

Advanced search functionality allows you to search for items based on related users. For document search, this includes "participants" or anyone who touched a document and is in the audit trail for that document. Previously, participants had to be manually selected for the search. In 16.3, we have added a setting that will indicate that the items returned should be those for which the user searching is the participant (document search. The primary purpose of this feature update is to allow a search to be saved with this criteria. In 16.3, there are three options to choose from:

  • Any - This option returns documents for all participants.
  • Me - This option returns documents on which the current user is a participant.
  • Pick - This option allows the user to select participants for the search. When this option is selected a field displays below in which the users can be searched for or entered.

Go Buttons Display without Scrolling in Document Search

Previously, if the document search screen was longer than the available screen size, the user was required to scroll up or down to access the Go buttons. As of 16.3, the buttons display, or "stick" in the available screen space. This eliminates the need to scroll all the way down the screen to access the buttons.

iBuy 16.2 Release Upgrade - 7/31/16

iBuy Release 16.2 was installed July 31, 2016.

  • There are no changes visible to end users in this release.

iBuy 16.1 Release Upgrade - 4/11/16

The iBuy e-procurement system was upgraded on Sunday, April 10, 2016 (iBuy Release 16.1). There are a few enhancements that will affect end users in this release. They are described below:

  • iBuy No Longer Supported on IE Versions Lower than IE11
    • Effective January 2016 Microsoft supports only browser version IE11. In keeping with SciQuest policy to support only browsers that are supported by the vendor, SciQuest supports only browser version IE11. This does not mean that it won't work on older versions, but we won't be able to get support if something isn't working correctly.
  • IOS8 No Longer Supported by Mobile App
    • This is of note if you have been using the mobile SciQuest App.
    • As of release 16.1, SciQuest will no longer support iOS 8 for the mobile app. The updated app for 16.1 will be compatible only to iOS 9 and up. Mobile devices with iOS 8 will not be able to get the latest update.
  • Access Points for Action Items and Notifications Changed from Text to Icons
    • In iBuy, a user's action items and notifications are accessed from the top-right banner on the screen. In 16.1, the options for accessing action items and notifications have been changed from text to icons. Action Items are now denoted by a flag icon and Notifications are denoted by a bell icon.
  • Ability to Modify a Saved Search
    • In 16.1, we have added the ability to change the parameters of a saved document search. Note: The option to create a new saved search is still available.
  • Miscellaneous Updates to the iBuy User Interface
    • In 16.1, iBuy has made several minor enhancements to the user interface. The intention of these enhancements is to improve the user experience with usability and aesthetic updates. The updates have no effect on application functionality.


If you have questions about this iBuy upgrade, use the Service Desk Request Form

Last Updated: July 31, 2017

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