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New Completing the Purchase Requisition form and Completing the Standing Order form - 12/21/2020

New Completing the Purchase Requisition and Completing the Standard Order forms were updated on December 21, 2020 and  have been added to the iBuy Training page.

iBuy 20.3 Release Upgrade - 11/9/2020

The iBuy e-procurement system (iBuy Release 20.3) was upgraded on Sunday, November 8, 2020. There are no changes visible to the end users in this release.

iBuy New Search Feature with the 20.2 Release Monday, July 20, 2020 - 6/22/2020

During the next scheduled iBuy release in July, the University will implement an enhanced search feature that Jaggaer (the iBuy vendor) has been rolling out to its clients.The update adds:

  1. faster results when searching for documents such as Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Invoices within iBuy; and
  2. easier access to your previously created and approved documents.

Users will have the ability to filter the output of their searches by narrowing down the data before exporting and saving. The new search feature includes the ability to save searches and manage searches for another time like you can today, and the option to create a scheduled run of those saved searches.

Stay tuned for updated iBuy Job Aids.

iBuy 20.1 Release Upgrade - 4/6/2020

The iBuy e-procurement system (iBuy Release 20.1) was upgraded on Sunday, April 5, 2020. There are no changes visible to the end users in this release.

Important Changes to iBuy - Copy to New Care and On Behalf of functionality

Effective April 2019, the iBuy Copy to New Cart and On Behalf of functions have been updated to avoid various issues that were being caused by the old functionality.

Copy to New Cart
When using the Copy to New Cart functionality, the C-FOAPAL information will no longer copy over to the new requisition; only the vendor, line item details and shipping address will copy over. To expedite entering the C-FOAPAL on the new requisition, the Requestor or Department Account Coder can set up Code Favorites and save a Code Favorite as a Default, which will auto-populate into the requisition. Otherwise, a Requestor or Department Account Coder must enter the appropriate C-FOAPAL on the new requisition.

Creating an order for Another Person
When creating an order for Another Person, the “On Behalf Of” function is no longer active. Instead, please add that detail as an Internal Note (e.g. “Ordering on behalf of John Smith”), as well as include that person’s name in the Attn: field of the Shipping Address.

For more assistance on the above, the following job aids have been posted at iBuy Training Materials.

  • Using Copy to New Cart
  • Placing an Order for Another Person
  • Creating and Using C-FOAPAL Code Favorites
  • Setting up and Using Ship to Addresses


If you have questions about these functionality changes, contact AITS ESC Finance through the Service Desk Request Form.

Last Updated: November 9, 2020

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