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iBuy Purchase Requisition Form and Standing Order Form Changes Live December 1

Communication Details

General Topic Summary based on the questions presented during information sessions on November 29 & November 30.

Overview of the Friday, December 1 updates:

  • There are updated and new required questions under the Order Information section within the Purchase Requisition Form.
    • Have any goods already been received, or services performed for this requisition or is this order to accommodate a cancel and replace Purchase Order?
    • Do any items on your order require an equipment inventory Ptag?
  • There is a change in how you add multiple lines within the Purchase Requisition Form and the Standing Order Form.
  • The addition of the FOB Code selection in the Shipping section of the cart before submitting.

Updated Job Aids available at iBuy Training Materials:

  • Shopping
    • Shopping Methods and Tips
  • Requisition Creation
    • Completing the Purchase Requisition Form
    • Completing the Standing Order Form
    • Splitting Accounting Codes (C-FOAPAL)
    • Using Equipment and Non-Equipment Account Codes on the Same Requisition
  • PO Change Request
    • Completing the PO Change Request Form

Thomas Scientific Catalog Now Available - 8/15/2023

Thomas Scientific catalog providing specialty lab supplies and services is now available in the iBuy showcase.

Original Communication Details

23.2 Release - 7/17/2023

The iBuy Release 23.2 was completed on Sunday, July 16th, 2023. Enhancements in this release that affect iBuy users are outlined below.


  • User Experience Update: The expand/collapse Sidebar display icon has changed and is in a new location. The Sidebar displays on the right side of the order and shows an overall summary of the order with the total and What’s Next. Use the new arrow icon in the upper right of the order to either expand or collapse the Sidebar.

The following job aids have been updated to reflect the changes implemented with the 23.1 Release.

23.1 Release - 3/20/2023

The iBuy Release 23.1 was completed on Sunday, March 19th, 2023. Enhancements in this release that affect iBuy users are outlined below.


  • The Product Description and Unit of Measure field on Purchase Requisition Form are now required and must be populated. ‘EA-EACH’ is a good Unit of Measure value if nothing else is applicable. 


  • Both the Purchase Requisition Form and the Standing Order Form will automatically calculate the order total and if it is equal to or greater than $10,000, questions in Purchase Information section that require responses will display. 


  • A Created by section has been added to the Users and Contacts tab on the contract. This field will display the name of the Contract Office (Purchasing, Capital Programs or Real Estate Services) Contract Administrator who worked on the contract within the iBuy system.


  • The results display format has been updated for Search Contract Parties found at Contracts > Contracts > Search Contract Parties under Quick Links on the Contracts+ Dashboard. updated.

The following job aids have been updated to reflect the changes implemented with the 23.1 Release.

Action needed in iBuy Contracts+ - Please Review Pending Contracts+ Approvals before Tuesday, February 28 – 2/15/2023

An update is scheduled to be completed on the iBuy Contracts+ Contract Request Form (CRF) on Wednesday, March 1. This update will cause any contract request for Chart 2 with an Amount of $200,000 or greater to generate an error for the Chancellor Approval and prevent the CRF from being able to be processed unless the contract request is approved before end of day on Tuesday, February 28.

If you are a Contract Requestor and you have a draft/incomplete contract request in an Amount of $200,000 or greater that will not be submitted AND will not be able to have all approvals completed before end of day onTuesday, February 28, that specific contract request cannot be used and should be deleted. A new contract request will need to be created Thursday, March 2 or after.

If you are a Contract Approver and have a contract request pending within your assigned Unit Head, Dean/Director, or Vice Chancellor/Vice President approval queue and with an Amount of $200,000 or greater, please make every effort to complete all of those approvals before end of day on Tuesday, February 28. If you anticipate not being able to complete those approvals before end of day on Tuesday, February 28, the recommendation is to reject the CRF in question and have the Contract Requestor create and submit a new request on Thursday, March 2 or after.

For CRFs that do generate an error, AITS iBuy Production Support will reject the CRF and notify the Contract Requestor of the steps to take.

Original Communication Details

Order Best Practices - 1/5/2023

Summary of a follow up communication to the Source2Pay project information released on September 20, 2022

Communication Highlights

  • Old iBuy Orders in Draft Carts - Please delete draft orders older than 9/20/2022 and start a new order.
  • Unit of Measure - The Unit of Measure field must be populated for each line on your order. ‘EA – Each’ is a good value to use if nothing else is applicable.
  • Accounting Date Field - The Accounting Date field should be left blank unless you are initiating a requisition for a PO intended to be effective for the next fiscal year.

Order Changes Effective September 20, 2022 - 9/20/2023

Summary of communication regarding Source2Pay project changes.

Communication Highlights

  • After the Fact – Addition of question on the Purchase Requisition Form to assist with the processing of Non-Conforming orders.
  • Accounting Code  - Only Chart specific values are to be used for all accounting string segments (Fund, Organization, Account and Program)
  • Copy to New Cart – Copying carts created prior to August 2, 2022 require that the Banner User ID field be populated.
  • Change Requests – Change requests for iBuy Purchase Orders created prior to September 19, 2022 must be completed in Banner by the Purchasing Offices.
  • Ship To - The Banner Ship To Address Form has been updated with new options to add, update and terminate a ship to address and is now all online. Once you submit the form, it will route directly to your Purchasing Office for processing.


If you have questions about these functionality changes, contact AITS iBuy Production Support through the Service Desk Request Form.

Last Updated: December 06, 2023

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