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iBuy (online purchasing)


iBuy - An online marketplace for purchasing goods and services at the University of Illinois System, iBuy combines the use of Internet technology with procurement best practices to simplify the purchasing process and reduce costs.

Why iBuy?

  • iBuy provides easy access to vendor catalogs with system negotiated pricing, offers detailed historical purchasing reports, and integrates with Banner.

  • iBuy facilitates complex approval requirements via its electronic workflow management tool.

  • iBuy offers intuitive, commodity-specific search, selection, and requisitioning tools designed to streamline purchasing processes while ensuring the best value to the user.

How iBuy works?

iBuy presents an easy, user-friendly shopping experience, allowing users to shop on-line, select items, place items in an electronic shopping cart, and submit their requisition. Read the iBuy Overview section of the website to learn more about roles, vendors, the approval process, Banner integration, and more.

Please contact us for more help.

This site provides users of the University of Illinois' e-procurement system (iBuy) with information about and support for the system. iBuy offers easy, convenient shopping with University-approved vendors at negotiated prices. Access is secured to authorized University of Illinois faculty and staff only and use of the system is strictly limited to purchases required in the conduct of official University business.

Last Updated: July 23, 2018

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