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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

7.2 Purchase of Goods and Services

Policy Statement

The Office of Business and Financial Services - Office of Procurement Services is authorized to establish procedures that facilitate the purchase of equipment, materials, commodities, supplies, general services, and professional and artistic services. When conducting a competitive solicitation, no other individual or unit has authority to commit the University of Illinois System to purchasing goods and services, unless that authority has been specifically given to them by the Assistant Vice President of Procurement Services.

The University of Illinois System offers three mechanisms by which to requisition goods and general services.

Information regarding methods of requesting Professional and Artistic Services can be found in 17.1 Consultants and Other Contractors for Services.

Reason for the Policy

The Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500/20) states the applicable source selection and contract formation requirements for University of Illinois System purchases.

Applicability of the Policy

The Chief Procurement Officer for Higher Education promulgates small purchase limits/competitive solicitation thresholds. A competitive solicitation is required for a purchase that exceeds the competitive solicitation thresholds unless the purchase is subject to one of the following exceptions:

  • Sole Source Purchases (single supplier) or Sole Economically Feasible Source
  • Emergency Purchase (including Quick Purchases) see also Section 7.5 – Emergency Purchases
  • Gifts or Bequests to the University of Illinois System if the donation provides majority funding for the procurement see also Section 11: Gifts and Endowments

For a purchase that does not exceed the small purchase limits, the University of Illinois System is required to establish practices that ensure maximum reasonable competition and promote small businesses, diversity, transparency and other statutory policies. Documentation of each purchase must be maintained in the procurement file. This policy outlines the procedures to meet these requirements. See 44 IL Admin Code 4.2020 for additional information.


Employees must avoid accepting any kind of gratuities, tips, or gifts. This includes merchandise, cash, or services for the performance of their duties, either past or future. See 1 Fiscal Environment - Employee Gift Policy for additional information.

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Additional Resources

Restricted Items and Purchases Requiring Special Approval

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