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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

22 Self-Supporting/Revenue Generating Activities

Establishing Self-Supporting Activities

Determine the Need for a Self-Supporting Fund
Request Approval for Revenue-Generating Activities

Monitoring a Self-Supporting Fund

Establish and Monitor Rates for Goods and Services Sold to Customers
Monitor a Self-Supporting Fund
Identify and Correct Rogue (Misclassified) C-FOAPAL Transactions - has been replaced with 13 Accounting
Reconcile General Ledger (GL) and Operating Ledger (OL) Balances- has been replaced with 13 Accounting
Reconcile Operating Ledger Transactions to Source Documents- has been replaced with 13 Accounting
Reconcile Encumbrance Balances- has been replaced with 13 Accounting
Address a Self-Supporting Fund Deficit
Address a Self-Supporting Fund Surplus
Avoid a Build-Up of Excess Cash Balances

Managing Inventory for Resale

Assess Your Merchandise Inventory Management Practices
Conduct a Physical Inventory to Adjust Your Merchandise Inventory Record

Reporting Requirements

Report on Self-Supporting Activities in the Year-End Fact Sheet
Report Unrelated Business Income (UBI)
Collect and Report Sales and Use Tax

Service and Storeroom Activities

Service and Storeroom Activities

Unique Self-Supporting Requirements

Account for Study Abroad and Unique Instructional Activities
Charge Self-Supporting Goods and Services to Sponsored Project Funds

Additional Resources

13 Accounting

In this section, but not yet redesigned:

22.1 Contracts for Revenue Generating Activities 
22.2 Departmental Administrative Support Assessed on Self-Supporting Funds
22.3 Management and Accounting for Facility Use Agreements (FUAs) and Technical Testing Agreements (TTAs)

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