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Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

Report on Self-Supporting Activities in the Year-End Fact Sheet

Policy Statement

Each year units must report information as of June 30, for each active self-supporting fund they maintain, using the Year-End Fact Sheet web application (Fact Sheet). Fact Sheet data are used to compile University of Illinois System financial statements on an accrual accounting basis (revenues are reported when earned, and expenditures are reported when materials or services are received). They are subject to audit by the independent Certified Public Accounting firm engaged by the Auditor General of the State of Illinois.

The Fact Sheet is accessible to the individual identified as the Banner Financial Manager for a particular fund. The Financial Manager may assign the Fact Sheet for the fund to another individual for completion.

Detailed instructions and definitions of reportable balances and transactions are contained in the Fact Sheet, jobs aids, and the annual fiscal year-end closing/opening document issued by UAFR.


To report on self-supporting activities in the Year-End Fact Sheet:

  1. Managers of self-supporting funds must review the annual fiscal year closing/opening document when it is posted to the OBFS web site each spring, paying particular attention to the Fact Sheet section.
  2. Beginning in May and continuing through June Period 12, review purchase orders, invoice vouchers, revenue agreements, and other transactions and documents that have not yet posted to Banner. These may require accrual-basis reporting in the Fact Sheet. Keep track of these transactions and documents so you have that information when you begin the Fact Sheet.
  3. Enter all potential accrual-basis balances and adjustments not posted on your June Period 12 Banner statements (Period End Date: 29-JUN-20YY) into the Fact Sheet.
  4. Before you submit the Fact Sheet, ensure that your business manager or unit head has reviewed and approved the Fact Sheet data.
  5. Submit the Fact Sheet by the deadline published in the annual fiscal year closing/opening document.

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